7 thoughts on “Comrade Hitler”

  1. I am stunned by the similarities to John Kerry’s military record and experience. Imagine a world where John Kerry shapes our nation. Now there is a chilling Halloween story.

  2. This is not exactly new. I read, about fifteen years ago, that Hitler was briefly a member of a communist group.

  3. Mao used to be a member of the Nationalist Party before he went to the CCP. People who want power often aim for the party which is most beneficial for their career rather than any ideological considerations.

    Even with the ideological considerations it is hardly surprising that Hitler had inclinations in favor of the Soviet Union at one time. You probably do not remember the history of WWI. There used to be rumors Imperial Germany arranged Lenin’s travel back to Russia in order to overthrow the Tsar. Regardless if this was true or not, the foundation of the Soviet Union closed the Eastern Front and ended that war between Russia and Germany.

  4. I first heard about Hitler’s role in the Bavarian Soviet from Ian Kershaw’s book Hitler: 1889 – 1936 Hubris. It was published in 2000. I think this interesting tidbit was uncovered by historians in the 1990’s.

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