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  1. Until conservatives are willing to claim that America was right, correct, and good to fight communism, and communist genocide in Indo-China, the anti-capitalists will feel they are morally superior.

    They wanted the US out of Vietnam. The US left.
    The commies took over, and won, and had mass murder and mass re-education camps in Vietnam. And Killing Fields in commie Cambodia.

    The outcome known and expected by those who supported American capitalist victory instead.

  2. …we know how that worked out for leftists in the past, in Germany and Russia. Not to mention Cambodia.

    But BEFORE the people got back control in those countries there was re-education, incarceration, torture, murder and mayhem. Most of it at the expense, and lives, of the general population. And if you just read the words of those who still support the current administration, they’d not only allow it, they’d help build the ‘camps’!

    With respect to Russia, I think Putin would go back to ‘Communist’ style rule tomorrow, and all the control with all that entails by way of gulags, etc, if he thought he could get away with it.

  3. I love how the NYT is the exemplar of the lamestream media until it runs a few quotes from disenchanted Democrats, at which point it becomes an oracle with a keen insight into the soul of the American voter.

    Judis’ thesis is a demographic one, so of course it is about America becoming a “new people” by the simple fact that over time citizens turn 18, become naturalized, and die. And those trends don’t look good for the GOP.

    2008 Exit Poll Results

    18-29: Obama 66% McCain 32%
    60+: Obama 47% McCain 51%

    White: Obama 43% McCain: 55%
    Hispanic: Obama 67% McCain 31%

  4. But, Jimmy, you fail to note that “white” is a code word on the left for “assimilated”. How many of those “whites” were actually East Asians, like Van Tran, or South Asians, like Nikki Haley?

    Indeed, is Marco Rubio counted as “white” or “Hispanic”? Therein lies the rub in your racialist theory of demographics: Hispanics are constantly becoming “whiter” as they assimilate to America. That’s why you need a constant stream of unassimilated mojados, of course.

  5. “And those trends don’t look good for the GOP.”

    Lets check those trends again in two years after the great do-over in 12 Jim. What you call a trend is more like an outlier.

    Young people are already moving back to the GOP in droves and I expect the Hispanics are doing likewise

  6. Actually, if we look at the trend, it doesn’t necessarily look bad for the GOP: Boomer Clinton -> Boomer GWB -> Xer Obama -> Xer GOP.

  7. But, Jimmy, you fail to note that “white” is a code word on the left for “assimilated”.

    It isn’t a code word — it’s how voters identified themselves to exit pollsters.

    How many of those “whites” were actually East Asians, like Van Tran, or South Asians, like Nikki Haley?

    According to the exit polls, Asian-Americans favored Obama over McCain by 62% to 35%.

  8. Relying on 2008 results is quite premature in terms of forecasting demographic change. Obama projected himself as a post-partisan figure; I suspect that many of those who voted for him in 2008 didn’t really think of themselves as buying into the Democratic Party. We’ll see over the next couple of years…

  9. “Evidence?”

    You will have plenty in 72 hours Jim.

    In the meantime, I suggest you start with Google. I saw several stories over the past few months how young people are becoming delusioned with the Democrat party and how the Republicans have undone much of the gains the Democrats made during the Bush years.

    This is simply history repeating itself. Carter made me a Republican. Obama is just doing whe he did on steroids.

  10. The referenced Times graphic shows a 20-25% gap between Dem and GOP identification among young people, in favor of the Dems, with the gap wider this year than last. That isn’t evidence for “young people moving back to the GOP in droves”.

  11. You will have plenty in 72 hours Jim.

    And now we do; there was no youth switch to the GOP, as Dems crushed the GOP by 20 points among under-30 voters. But, as expected, youth turnout was way down for the midterm, falling from 18% of the electorate in 2008 to 10% in 2010, while the 60+ share jumped from 16% to 24%.

    The GOP has a better future with life extension than with young voters.

  12. 2008 National US House, 18-29 Year Old: D 63%, R 34%

    2010 National US House, 18-29 Year Old: D 57%, R 40%

    +12% youth switch for GOP

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