14 thoughts on “Repatriate Our Revolution”

  1. “2) It’s worth noting that the “political betters” (Conservative Party) in Great Britain are cutting defense spending by 7.5%, something that the US Republicans explicitly reject.”

    …because it is a stupid idea.

  2. Hannan is one of the few commentators I’ve encountered lately who recognizes that our revolution was, in essence, conservative.

    As for Britain’s defense budget, maybe they need to increase it, considering the carrier they’re “sharing” with France has broken down

  3. @Rick C:

    Not sure why Firefox is so anti-Christian. After all, the only reason the others are “misspelled” is because they’re not capitalised.

  4. ” ‘The Tea Party wasn’t a revolt against taxes, it was a revolt against “taxation without representation.'”

    Yeah, like Gerrib wouldn’t have been a Tory in 1776.

  5. You know, I’m just quoting what the original Tea Partiers said, which was “no taxation without representation.”

    That’s not “anti-tax” that’s “I want a say in what the taxes are.”

  6. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The American history professor who did my undergraduate seminar was a Republican Party precinct committeman.

    I’m sorry that the version of history your high school football coach taught you doesn’t correlate well with reality.

  7. Leland – did the American revolutionaries NOT say “No taxation without representation?” Did Geoge Washington NOT take an army into the field to collect taxes? Tell me where your history diverges from mine.

    Seriously, where are you getting your information from?

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