Alvin Greene

The gift that keeps on giving:

South Carolina’s Democratic Party spokeswoman Keiana Page confirmed that on Tuesday an unidentified caller asked about the presidential filing fee and Mr. Greene confirmed to the political website Politico that he had made that call. When asked if he was considering a presidential campaign his response was, “Maybe, I’ll have to see.”

Well, that would boost sales of the action figures.

5 thoughts on “Alvin Greene”

  1. After seeing his “victory” party interview, I actually like the guy. He is living the American dream, and he is very honest about it. In his own words, he is amazed that he’s gone from another average joe to a serious contender for US Senate. People can laugh at him being “serious”, but he did win a statewide primary. He also generated 99% of the votes Harry Reid did.

  2. If Joe Biden can mount a serious campaign for the highest office, why not Alvin? If he does, I’ll kick a few bucks (but not much more!) his way, just as a “Ha-ha!” on the Dem establishment. How about Clinton-Greene ’12?

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