Freudian Slip?

I don’t have any good way to grab the video, but I reran the segment several times on the DVR. On the “All-Star Panel” of Special Report tonight, in the second segment, A. B. Stoddard bit off the word “Teabaggers” when describing the affiliation of many incoming members of Congress. Just so you know where her head is. Color me unsurprised…

I hope someone will come up with video.

12 thoughts on “Freudian Slip?”

  1. Guess that makes A.B. Stoddard an example of a word I submitted to Urban Dictionary yesterday. And I expect the reason the word hasn’t been rejected already is, the editors at UD get Veterans Day off.

  2. I’ve written it before but I’ll write it again: better a teabagger for liberty than a butt boy (or girl) for statism.

  3. We don’t bag tea. We bag liberal officeholders. A few get away, but huntin’ was good on November 2.

    In other words, we don’t bag tea, we bag shit.

  4. For all their unhealthy fixation on sexual deviancy in matters of politics, at least they have the suffix right… which makes them the ‘teabagee’. Freudian indeed.

    It reminds me of the closing statement in a sibling argument I once witnessed in my younger years: “Gargle my nuts, b****”.

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