8 thoughts on “Watch What They Do”

  1. The problem is not what they do. The problem are all those that allow them.

    People need to educate themselves and ask, “What constitutional provision allows the unelected to make laws that never go through the voting process.”

    Are there enough fingers for the dike? I’ll give ’em one.

  2. It’s nothing new. In our neck of the woods, environmentalists have largely eliminated timber production and mining. Now they’re focusing on beef producers and river commerce.

  3. I neglected to mention the current faux outrage in our area. The usual groups have forced a protracted delay in the transport of huge pieces of oil field equipment across a mountain highway bordering a scenic river. Much of the equipment now languishes at the dead end of the Columbia River shipping corridor.

    Oversize truck/trailers were to travel only at night with state police escort paid by the oil company. They were to take detours onto highway pull-outs at 15 minute intervals to allow passage of other traffic (any adverse event to be remedied at the expense of the company.) Their ultimate destination is oil sands in Canada.

    Naturally, the enviros view this operation as endangerment of a sacred area. After much costly study, planning, legal wrangling, and precautionary roadwork financed by the state, it’s quite likely this equipment will eventually be moved via alternate route/routes at similar expense to all parties involved.

  4. I read about this. What is bizarre is that there’s no serious justification for the legal obstruction. It’s just a bunch of trucks and oversized pieces of metal.

  5. Just a bunch of oversized trucks and cargo moving very, very slowly.

    Creeping doom! danae, I didn’t realize how serious this threat was.

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