A True Bitter Clinger

If this guy was a Tea Partier, the media would make him the face of the movement. But he did it out of a rational hatred of a young woman who’d never done anything to him except be on television, so it’s OK. Apparently his remote was broken, and he was too lazy to get up and change the channel.

[Update a few minutes later]

Iowahawk comments on Facebook: “After booking, he was offered tenure by the University of Wisconsin and a Senior Fellowship by Media Matters.”

3 thoughts on “A True Bitter Clinger”

  1. Come on guys… who wouldn’t shoot their TV on occasion if they had a shotgun handy? Being poor, I use a brick.

    Actually, it reminds me a little of the the guys putting holes in the side of their house shooting at flies… and bragging about what good shots they are.

    I look at all the convenience stores with their stacks of beer cases on the weekends and it occurs to me that many of my neighbors are not just ‘occasional’ drinkers.

    My ex is a light drinker like myself… she was noticing that many of her girlfriends are smokers and alcoholics. I’ve never quite understood it.

  2. My wife, the prescient woman she is, predicted Palin would be in the finalist group at the very beginning of the season. There is no doubt she is not the most talented, though she may be the most improved. (My better half’s estimation not mine. I would rather surf in the other room.) There is also no doubt her success is a product of the women in the Tea Party movement voting for her and through her, for her mother. This is what has been driving the Left’s obsession with Sara Palin all along. They fear that women will find a connection with Palin (Mom) and with the TPM. They know once there is a connection, and through her and the TPM, education, the Left will have lost them forever.

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