9 thoughts on “Why Dark Chocolate”

  1. The dollar store once had a few crates of swiss dark chocolate… each bar worth about ten dollars. Not all dark chocolate is the same. This was the good stuff. But it was a one time deal. Oh well. I was high for about a week (the only antidepressant I’m familiar with that actually works.)

    Milk chocolate I’m not crazy about.

  2. But at least if your dog eats milk chocolate, it’s not a (serious) problem. Dark chocolate is another story.

    And, of course, I have a chocoholic dog who gets into anything left around…

  3. Best to stock up; cocoa prices are expected to skyrocket over the next year or two, as the dollar cra–err, “eases”, and demand starts overtaking supply in a big way.

  4. Are the health benefits of dark chocolate negated by the presence of nuts and raisins? Because I find that they improve the taste of dark chocolate considerably.

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