End Of The California Era

…and the beginning of the Texas era:

This state of crisis is likely to become the norm for the Golden State. In contrast to other hard-hit states like Pennsylvania, Ohio and Nevada, which all opted for pro-business, fiscally responsible candidates, California voters decisively handed virtually total power to a motley coalition of Democratic-machine politicians, public employee unions, green activists and rent-seeking special interests.

In the new year, the once and again Gov. Jerry Brown, who has some conservative fiscal instincts, will be hard-pressed to convince Democratic legislators who get much of their funding from public-sector unions to trim spending. Perhaps more troubling, Brown’s own extremism on climate change policy–backed by rent-seeking Silicon Valley investors with big bets on renewable fuels–virtually assures a further tightening of a regulatory regime that will slow an economic recovery in every industry from manufacturing and agriculture to home-building.

What a disaster.

5 thoughts on “End Of The California Era”

  1. I was in the Bay Area earlier this year and noticed many empty commercial and industrial buildings with “for lease” signs in front of them in the Milpitas to San Jose area. The area really does appear to be dying. The software industry is further up the west bay in the Menlo Park/Palo Alto area. The rest of “silicon valley” is sinking into a malaise.

    The politicos in CA will at some point try to get rid of prop13. Be glad you are not a home-owner in CA.

  2. [[[Over the past decade nearly 1.5 million more people left California than stayed]]]

    Hopefully this will cause the cost of living in California to drop to where it will be affordable again as everyone leaves 🙂

  3. When was the last census in which California didn’t gain House seats? From what I’ve seen 2010 will be flat. Maybe 2020 will see a huge drop.

  4. But what does a Californian do? I mean, its my home! Its awesome here weather wise, and its so gorgeous! my viewpoints are outnumbered politically. Do I move? All my family is here. I have a good job! Its just the politics suck.

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