7 thoughts on “The Latest From The Climate Fraudsters”

  1. And we can expect more rain, more drought and fiercer storms in the future if the world continues on its fossil-fuel gobbling track.

    And Earthquakes. Don’t forget the Earthquakes.

  2. There was a failure to communicate. The warmists failed to communicate the real uncertainty in the data and models.

  3. The failure was in the communication of the concept of science to these researchers.. unless you can make predictions that if don’t occur mean the theory is wrong then it’s not science. period.

  4. The Journal of Irreproducable Results used to be a humor magazine. Based on the Harry Readme file, irreproducible results seems to be standard operating practice for climate modelers. They can say whatever they want about the soundness of their science, but as a recovering professional programmer, that readme file is the biggest smoking gun that proves the fraudulence of their work.

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