20 thoughts on “No Quarter To The Left”

  1. Wow.

    I especially liked this dig:

    “I accept that’s the intellectually lazy response, but I have to work with what you can understand.”

    Like a well known radio talk show host said: They must be *beaten*. Not worked with, compromised with, accommodated. No crossing of the aisles. They must be beaten.”

    Fix bayonets indeed.

    But the trick is to keep the energy level up. To convince others who may not ordinarily consider what we have to say. This requires that the Conservative Proposition be explained, patiently in detail, over and over. Cannot just reply on a tourrette’s-like utterance…”uhhhh less taxes!………..smaller government!” That’s what we got for the last 8-10 years, and it’s not good enough.

    And, lastly, to recognize that no matter what, we will drop back into torpor because that’s how people are. And so institutions have to be set to continue.

  2. Recognise bankers and other such parasites as part of the enemy, and I’ll agree with you.

    There are far, far, far too many people in every Western country who are given a very good living by people with very little choice in the matter, and produce absolutely nothing whatsoever even indirectly. Shakespeare almost had it right; no doubt he would have done better if there were merchant bankers when he was alive.

  3. No, Fletch, I won’t give you bankers. I will, however, give you the bloated bribe artists with worthless MBAs who pose as bankers.

  4. Don’t forget to include anyone who has a degree in anything containing the word “Studies”. Calling them “parasites” is an insult to tapeworms, leeches and worthless brothers-in-laws.

  5. A good point was made the other day regarding politics being about compromise. Principles can not be compromised. No quarter ever. Our founders knew we had a republic if we can keep it. To keep it requires education which we have neglected. This article is part of the wake up call.

  6. Getting a degree in liberty makes as much sense as buying a textbook on masturbation. If you can’t figure it out by how it feels, you’re hopeless.

  7. I’ve noticed this lately. I used to assume it was ad hominem – trying to weaken conservatives’ arguments by attacking their intelligence. But I’m coming around to thinking it’s just plain projection. The intellectual rigor of the libertarian/free market proponents is simply light years beyond the sloganism of mainstreamers.

    I give the internet all the credit. You can’t appeal to authority nearly as easily if raw data, expert commentary, and every gradation between is available at anyone’s fingertips. You can’t attack a person’s character unfairly when their life, work, and biases are displayed for all to see. It’s exemplified by the shallowness of statements like “Socialism isn’t so bad because what’s wrong with wanting to help people,” and “Carbon dioxide acts like greenhouse gas therefore more of it must warm the Earth.” A decade ago I would have known something was wrong with those statements, but I would not have had any idea how to dig deeper at a low personal cost, so the nagging thought would have died the next time it was confirmed on the evening news. No more.

  8. In an attempt to elevate this conversation, I will quote an ancient Greek philosopher. Diogenes said of autoeroticism: “Would to Heaven that by rubbing my stomach in the same fashion, I could satisfy my hunger!”

  9. Bob, there’s a surprisingly large market for astrology books, too.

    Anyway, I will honor Diogenes (assuming you mean he of Sinope) as the grandfather of Stoicism, my favorite philosophy. Here, read this book, and you’ll see what I mean. Happy Thanksgiving.

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