54 thoughts on “Why Barbara Bush Bashed Sarah”

  1. ut that doesn’t mean that you can just show up to the interview an expect to get hired without it. This is true for any business, with the sole exception of unskilled labor.

    Really? I’ve never heard of a pro rodeo asking cowboys for resumes. Do you think that’s an unskilled job? If someone’s looking for a fiddle player, I don’t think they’ll ask Charlie Daniels for his resume. Do you think that’s an unskilled job? I’m sure the Army didn’t ask Chuck Yeager for a resume when they shoved him into the seat of a P-51 at age 18. Is that an unskilled job? Could you do it?

    Clear evidence of talent and ability counts for more than a list of previous jobs, in my opinion. I see evidence that Sarah Palin has both, and so do many other people. There’s no reason why we should refuse to vote for her simply because you don’t see it.

    Fine, produce a video of a Palin speech that is anywhere near as solid as the video of Reagan I produced earlier in the thread. Good luck.

    I’m sure I will never produce a video that will convince you. You have clearly decided to dislike her, for whatever reason. She’s articulate enough for many people. If you disagree, that’s fine, but you can’t expect that other people stop supporting her just because you haven’t seen a video you like.

    I also think you overemphasize the importance of speaking skills. Thomas Jefferson was not reputed to be a great speaker. That didn’t make him a terrible President. Personally, I wouldn’t care if she stammered like Senator Jefferson Smith.

  2. Jury nullification is another check and balance given to us by our founders. It can be abused, but without it we might just let judges decide everything.

    This is what makes the lefts grip on education so insidious.

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