7 thoughts on “Shut Up And Bend Over”

  1. “I particularly like the advice that we should be protesting against the airlines add-on fees.”

    That would be the retarded turd-wrapper that southwest and central Virginia know as the Roanoke Times.

    I have told my Father when he dies I will have his subscripion to that POS canceled before his body tempature passes 90.

  2. I say we use the bladder problem gambit. Just before they go to pat you down while your wearing oversized pants with no belt (commando!) Release and drop, then release. Be sure to apologize profusely, “it’s my weak bladder! I’m so, so sorry…” as the ‘rain’ of terror continues at high trajectory.

    Free people would not stand for this treatment.

    I’m sure it would be fun for the crowd watching. Oh, and drink plenty of water beforehand.

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