Speech Policeman

Like Stanley Kurtz, I am getting really, really tired of David Frum:

All Galston and Frum have done is to make explicit — and reinforce — the mainstream press’s existing determination to ignore and silence critics of Obama’s radicalism. Once No Labels gets going, public resentment at these silencing techniques is bound to increase. Contrary to Galston and Frum, the way to reduce polarization is not to suppress disagreement but to invite reasoned debate on the issues that actually divide us. Since a substantial portion of the public views the president as a covert radical, let the topic be debated in the widest and most respectable forums. If the president’s accusers offer mere bluster, or his defenders are living in denial, we shall see it all then. A true public debate on this issue in the pages of the mainstream press would rivet the public’s attention and immediately raise the level of discussion. By further suppressing this debate, on the other hand, Galston and Frum promote distrust and enmity between Left and Right.

Suppressing debate is what the left is all about, because they never come off very well in a real one.

15 thoughts on “Speech Policeman”

  1. Frum is no conservative. He’s a Canadian, and a conservative there is Joe Lieberman here……

    And Frum just doesn’t get it. Too bad the NYTimes and HuffPo already have their house conservatives. Frum’d be great in those rolls.

  2. I want to be demonized. Don’t they live forever, and have few responsibilities? Plus they look great in tights, get all the hot babes, and have that handy red-hot pitchfork — I can think of a few folks I’d like to use that on right now. Sign me up!

  3. Carl, don’t believe everything they tell you in the recruiter’s office: the commute is long, the hours are terrible and you never get the recognition you deserve.

  4. Well…my hours are terrible right now, and I don’t get the recognition I deserve….yet. (There will certainly come a time when those who laughed get what they deserve.) If we can get Bonobo Bob’s instant displacement booth working — because I do hate a long commute, then I’m still in.

  5. Carl, to me the deal-breaker is the lack of coffee breaks. I mean, sure you get to smoke in the office, but I don’t smoke. Except after sex and they tell me that means I’m doing it wrong.

  6. This is a classic liberal/progressive tactic. I’ll ask my people to stop using a slur with no basis in fact that cannot be debated to a conclusion because it is an insult and a generalization. In return you will ask your people to stop using an effective argument that can in fact be debated, and shown to be true. All to further the spirit of civility we all need to bring to the table.
    In other words we will stop calling you pigs if you stop pointing out that we are taking the country in a direction that is the antithesis of where our founding fathers and the majority of the country would like to move toward. Fair? Sure it is…Lets shake on that.

  7. The part I’d stress about being a demon would be the retirement package. You’d have to work, what? 6-7000 years to sack enough dough away for eternity. And that’s if the soul markets stay strong.

  8. You’d have to work, what? 6-7000 years…

    For those of us under 30, that is no different than Social Security.

  9. In other words we will stop calling you pigs if…

    Hah! Not long ago I compared elected Washington leftists to pigs – specifically, the porcine insurgency of Animal Farm. I also contrasted the Tea Party with Benjamin the Donkey. When his best friend Boxer the draught horse was about to be sent to the glue factory, Benjamin protested for a moment and then just slinked away in defeat. The Tea Party reacted to our glue factory moment – the more megalomaniacal and destructive elements of Obamanomics – by taking serious measures to oust as many pigs as possible.

    To me, the election aftermath smelled like bacon.

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