14 thoughts on “Just In Case You Still Took The Leftist Womens’ Movement Seriously”

  1. Feministing.com is calling for women to grow unibrows during December, which they are trying to dub “Decembrow.”

    Looks like December will also be a month for staying home and Facebooking instead of getting called-up for dates.

  2. I take the leftist women’s movement very seriously no matter how dumb they look. When the “women in science” circus appeared in congress, the congress critters bent over and begged for another wack of the crop.

  3. I stopped taking feminism seriously when they defended BJB (Blow Job Bill – Former leader of the free world) for being the Groper in chief.

  4. When they stop attacking conservative women who are trying to advance themselves on their own merits, I might care what they say.

  5. Ah… the infancy of the Womens Movement.
    Those were the days youngsters!!! I remember being in the park one day snickering at the pedestrian speeches when one of the guys said we aught to let them know that their bra’s are just another form on bondage foisted on them by the male dominated society. Next thing you know we were all enjoying the show for once.

  6. I’m surprised nobody’s remarked on the transparent peevishness embodied in this. We just had a roughly three-month-long Breast Cancer Awareness Month, when every product on the shelves seemed to have been painted pink and tied in with a breast cancer charity fundraising effort, and nobody complains.

    But let men do something aimed at raising money and awareness for a health issue affecting men, and what happens? This group of feminists elects to belittle the effort with a mocking equivalent. And their effort isn’t even directed at anything useful beyond the mockery – any proceeds and publicity are, as the article notes, to be directed to ‘ehh, whatever charity, whatever the woman wants’. In other words, the charity ostensibly benefiting from the effort is unimportant, it’s the effort (and attendant belittling of men) that matters.

    Which only adds evidence to the perception that feminism is not about eliminating barriers to women’s equality, but is really just a mask for a bitter hatred of men.

  7. Mere words are inadequate to express how bored I am of Frida Kahlo. I’m just going to say now that I think her art is hideous, her “pity me I’m a cripple” act was just another way to push the idea of women as the weak, sickly sex, and I’ll bet her “unibrow” was painted in.

  8. “I prefer the women who go topless to advance their particular cause.”

    “Not all of them, Carl.”

    Reminds me of the time my wife and I visited a nude beach on St. Martin’s. NOW I know why they’re largely against the law…ugh!

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