More Bristol Derangement Syndrome

Well, at least these people didn’t shoot their television:

“I … believe that the program was fixed by extreme supporters of the Tea Party and Radical Right-Wing,” wrote one viewer. “There is no disclaimer that it is a political show, and instead that is what it has become. It is tragic to say that it could have been fixed but I hope ABC’s ratings blow-up and go down in flames.”

“You need to investigate the fraudulent voting practice on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars,” another viewer complained.

A third viewer protested that DWTS judge Carrie Ann Inaba’s hugging of Bristol Palin was “unfair treatment” that “was a signal for GOP/Tea Party supporters of Sarah Palin to ‘stuff’ the vote for Bristol Palin.”

“My 96 year old Mother-in-Law can dance better than Ms. Palin,” continued the viewer. “I want my Government to protect me the viewer from deceptive practices.”

Actually, I prefer the television abuser to people who want the federal government to regulate what I watch. Time to rein in the FCC.

12 thoughts on “More Bristol Derangement Syndrome”

  1. Didn’t this sort of thing (fans voting for a talentless dancer) happen before when Woz was on the show? Where were the lefties then?

  2. JP Gibb–you should see the story about Kathy Griffin’s mudflaps. Or actually you shouldn’t. I did, via Insty, and I can’t unsee it. Talk about NSFW or anything else.

  3. Remember folks, always, these are the people of such sound reasoning are (most likely) still in the group supporting President Ospenda.

    (well, until yesterday anyway, when he left the Bush tax cuts in place for a while yet)

  4. You know I think Janet Napolitano has started the Wal-mart tattle-tale program along the lines of this Tea party paranoia. After all, there are a lot of suspicious looking Tea-party types shopping at Wal-mart. You know they are out there just ready to make a run for lawn and garden and get the pitch forks and then storm through housewares yelping like some crazy coon-hatted right-winger. Your just trying to get to the soda aisle and the next thing you know a some innocent enough looking granny runs you through with a set of pruning shears. I here they are quite adept with those. Well, I’ll do my duty and bite the bullet by going on citizen’s watch with requisite gropings and complementary boob checks to keep mine and other’s castle safe. Don’t thank me please, just another honest citizen doing his duty.

  5. Times change, presidents change, majorities change, and yet one thing doesn’t change… the irrational hatred spewing from the American Left Wing.

    Really now, is anything different today then when Reagan was president? How about the savaging of the moderate squish Bush the elder? Did the triumphal 1993 Clinton restoration make any difference? Or the ecstatic election of the magic Obama?

    I’m not old enough to remember but from what I have read things might have been even worse in the years before Reagan. The most recent time of genuine fellowship might be as far back as WWII.

    When the haters persisted on the warpath against Palin and her family during the months AFTER the election I knew more than crass political calculation was at work. The Left had nothing more to gain at that point from further injury to Palin except satisfying their sadism. I fear we will have to endure these haters until they finally die off. With any luck the poison will decline in the next generation.

  6. I’ve watched DWTS since season 2 so I have some perspective on this whole Bristol imbroglio.

    Bristol placed 3rd. It was a fair result. DWTS isn’t entirely about dance ability, it’s half about dance ability – the judged half. The other half is a popularity contest – the viewer voting part. Bristol did decently in the judged part and evidently very well in the viewer voting part.

    And, contra all the angry lefty invective, Bristol isn’t a bad dancer. She started off shaky and got to the point of being good, if not flashy by the end. I don’t think she is as good a dancer as Brandy, who wound up in 4th place, but then Kelly Osbourne, who placed 3rd in Season 9, wasn’t as good a dancer as Joanna Krupa, who placed 4th that season either.

    The DWTS experiences of Kelly Osbourne and Bristol Palin, in fact, follow nearly identical trajectories. Both are famous for being the children of famous people. Neither had had a lick of dance background prior to going on the show. Both, starting from zero, were doing quite a serviceable job by the ends of their respective seasons. Also, crucially, both came across as vulnerable, likable and puppy-dog eager. Critically, I think, both were far more likable on-screen than the people they eventually beat to place 3rd – both of whom had long prior careers that involved a fair amount of dancing. Krupa never seemed to get that her long-habitual model hauture was not an asset in a popularity contest. Brandy was prone to diva-esque histrionics and steely-eyed declarations of ambition to win. Given what I understand to be the fairly Lawrence Welk-esque nature of the DWTS viewer demographics, these were two people who would be tolerated, to a point, because they danced well, but not be good bets to be in at the finish.

    Let’s face it, the Left always consider themselves to be the “cool kids” and watching DWTS is not a cool kid kind of thing. The only segment of the Left that probably watches DWTS are the Sally Quinns of the world and they do it because, like me, they are also old and white – the DWTS viewer base. Chubby-cheeked munchkins like Kelly Osbourne and Bristol Palin are irresistible to grandma and grandpa types even if the dancing is a little marginal at times.

    People like Joanna Krupa and Brandy, on the other hand, are, comparatively, alien – and off-putting – creatures from Mars.

    I’m sure there was some deliberate piling on to the Bristol bandwagon by Republicans amused by the number of fresh liberal heads they could make explode each week by simply voting the max for her on every phone in their houses; I sure did. But I think, even absent the schadenfreude, Bristol would have done as well and Kelly Osbourne is the proof.

  7. Der Schtumpy, you couldn’t tell? Ever since the election, there has been a rise in stories of lefty group/person demanding censorship/silencing of opinions and people they don’t like. And sadly, we in the US still tend to call these happy-to-censor people, liberals.

    Like Glenn doesn’t want to hear one goddamn word about his carbon foot print; I don’t want to hear one goddamn word about censorship on the right.

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