The Media Will Be Quite Disappointed

The Panama city shooter wasn’t exactly a Tea Partier:

Clay Duke, the man who opened fire on a Florida school board Tuesday, posted a “last testament” on Facebook decrying the wealthy and linking to a slew of progressive sites including and

Doesn’t matter, of course — they’ll just lie about it, and call him a “violent right winger.” Because “right wingers” are violent by definition, right? Or perhaps they’ll just pretend he didn’t exist, though if he really were a “right winger,” there would be endless blathering by the lefty punditocracy about how the violent rhetoric of the racist Tea Partiers encouraged him. After all, these are the same hacks who still say that Tim McVeigh was a Christian.

[Update a while later]

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28 thoughts on “The Media Will Be Quite Disappointed”

  1. The good news is that we don’t have to worry about a Federal wild-goose chase investigation to find his nonexistent co-conspirators, as happened after Scott Roeder shot George Tiller. Remember: leftists who kill people are just misguided individuals. Right-wingers who kill people are part of a vast conspiracy. /sarcasm

  2. Because “right wingers” are violent by definition, right?

    No, because violent people are “right wing” by definition.

  3. “No, because, violent people are right wing by definition.”

    Those weren’t right wingers rioting in France, Greece and England because their cushy government benefits were being taking away.

    Nice try, though.

  4. “He was too bad a shot to be a right-winger.”

    Heh, that’s exactly what I thought when I heard about this.

  5. “No, because violent people are “right wing” by definition”

    Please illustrate this claim by providing a definition that holds violence is inherently right-wing. Then please explain all of the leftists revolutionary violence in the 20th century. I suppose Che was right wing?

    Violence knows no particular side of the isle. Only an ideologue would believe it does.

  6. Any word on the political leanings of the heroes? The lady who sneaked back in and attempted to knock the pistol out of his hand? Or the man who said he was responsible and asked that everyone else be let go? Or the security guard who stopped him?

    Who do we focus our attention on the lone wacko? The other ones are alive to tell us their opinions and beliefs. Aren’t theirs the ones that really matter?

  7. I blame Mr. Obama and the Democrats. When the leadership makes statements calling for various forms of violence against those that disagree, some will takes that to heart. Telling people your opposition is an enemy doesn’t help.

  8. Wish the right wing poster that submitted this post had the same level of sarcasm when identifying the hypocrisy of the right… but that may be too difficult.

    “Sen. John Cornyn of Texas requested 54 earmarks worth more than $170 million and Sen. John Thune of South Dakota has made 43 requests totaling more than $165 million”

    But we are the party of fiscal responsibility; never mind the 8-years under W. Bush, the squandered surpluss or a war fueled on lies and deceit against a joke of an enemy we could have obliterated with a fart (Saddam)…

    Disgusting right wing hypocrites.

  9. My wife was watching him on the news and said, “Wow he is the worst shot Ever. I don’t think he even knows how to use it.” Mind you, my wife has only shot a gun once in her life, 15 years ago. I don’t think anyone would be surprised that he was a leftist.

  10. I suffered through watching CNN’s coverage yesterday just to see how the leftwing media played this out. It was predictable. CNN took special pains to play one section of tape over and over in which the gunman and the Board discussed the apparent recent raising of some tax or mil initiative – they were obviously salivating at the opportunity of painting this guy as some kind of antigovernment radical rightwing shooter…

  11. Extreme left wing violence is when a bunch of people get together and vote to kill someone. Socialism is hyper-democracy. The fact that we associate political alignment to media organizations says more about the media than it does the shooter.

  12. *sigh*

    Everything has to be “left-wing” this or “right-wing” that.

    How about we all realize we both – left and right – have the same enemy: Dishonest politicians who are helping the rich slowly fleece us back into the dark ages.

    Oh, and as usual, the wingnuts at either end of the spectrum do not represent the views of the majority, nor are their actions helpful or wanted.

  13. I love how the crazies now have to be categorized by being either a right winger or a left winger. There are probably enough crazies on either side to fill a good size football stadium who care’s really which end of the political spectrum they are from they are nuts so it really does not matter. Nut cases like this seem to have a political affiliation all their own since neither sane portion of left or right seem to cause this type of havoc.

  14. So maybe its just the Liberals that should have their guns taken away from them; they seem to not be able to handle the responsibility…

  15. Those weren’t right wingers rioting in France, Greece and England because their cushy government benefits were being taking away.

    Your ironimeter appears to be due for calibration.

  16. ” Because “right wingers” are violent by definition, right?

    No, because violent people are “right wing” by definition.”

    I found this statement to be very interesting. There’s no disputing that there are violent people across the entire political spectrum, but let’s pretend for the moment that Mr. Duston is correct in his statement.

    What the Left see as “violent”, the right see as activism. There are some people in the world who believe in individual responsibility and it’s an unfortunate fact that for an individual to get anything done, things might get messy. For those who believe in majority rule and decision by committee, this is a reprehensible concept. Of course, many would wisely argue that a brief bout of violence can bring a long period of peace.

  17. So . . . right wing militias are obviously comprised of large groups of those dangerous loners we hear so much about on the the evening propagan….I mean “news.”

  18. Dishonest politicians who are helping the rich slowly fleece us back into the dark ages.

    Being rich doesn’t imply that you fleeced anyone. And the 20th Century has shown there are worse things that can happen to you than being fleeced.

  19. I’m thinking that his wife is actually telling the truth about him. That he was a practiced and excellent shot, that he was just steps from the school board members, therefore that he probably missed repeatedly on purpose, that he might have desired ‘death by cop’. She said that he was defeated by ‘the economy’ and ‘by life’. Security did the right thing and he got his wish.
    No sympathy for him over here. And Greenwald is a dwarfed idiot.

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