Michael Vick’s Ant Farm

On Hannity last night, Jim Geraghty reportedly (according to Jim, in his daily email) said that if Michael Vick was going to be allowed to have pets again, he should have to start small — give him an ant farm, and see if he started up ant-fighting rings. I’d also not allow him to own a magnifying glass. If that works out, he could move on to guppies, and then gerbils.

2 thoughts on “Michael Vick’s Ant Farm”

  1. Aw, where’s the harm? Vick having a dog is OK, just so long as he lives in the South!! At least, that’s what Whoopie Goldberg says.

    And as a life long southerner, dog lover and hater of idiot statements, racist blatherings, and regional ignorances, Ms. Goldberg can kiss my big old hairy southern…

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