It Never Rains In Southern California

…but man, is it pouring now, with reportedly a lot more to come. It’s a real pineapple express, with a stream of moist air three thousand miles out from north of Hawaii. Glad I don’t live in the foothills. Hard to see how they’re going to avoid mudslides this week. But at least we’re building up snow pack in the Sierra.

5 thoughts on “It Never Rains In Southern California”

  1. Rand, where do you live? I work in Beverly Hills and have the Commute From Hell each morning/evening from Valencia. Thank god the big rains hit just as winter break came, or my normal 90 minute commute would have gone to 3+ hours…. Anyway, I’d like to get together sometime, buy you lunch talk space stuff, etc.

  2. Dude it rained a LOT last winter in the LA basin and the Valley. I’m actually surprised it continues to be rainy there this winter given rains in southern California are highly dependent upon El Nino conditions, and the El Nino of last winter has waned into a La Nina.

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