10 thoughts on “Better Fire Up Those SUVs”

  1. “Better Fire Up Those SUVs”

    I’m doing my part, Rand, but I don’t see my Honda CRV affecting the cold much here in Virginia. 🙁

    We’re expecting snow on Christmas day (we’ve already had some, and it hasn’t completely melted off my ice rink driveway). THAT’S NOT NORMAL FOR CENTRAL VIRGINIA!

    At this point, the only white Christmas I’m interested in is the movie.

  2. Better get the economy running properly so we’re better prepared to handle whatever nature throws at us.

  3. Actually, Freeman Dyson expressed the concern that perhaps the CO2 warming is masking an underlying cooling trend, and when the carbon fuels run out, we are at risk, and perhaps that is a reason for moderating our use of carbon fuels so as to stretch out the warming for longer — kind of like Ivan Denisovich nibbling his meager rations rather than eating them all at once.

    The thing about Freeman Dyson is that he has never opposed governmental or collective action on arms control, physics research, energy, or environmental policy. It is just that he is “off the reservation” on the IPCC Party Line — kind of more like a dissident Party Member of the intellectual club than some Old Russian religious fanatic — and for that he is being characterized as a doddering old fool gone senile.

  4. So Sol, that giver of life, friend to Gaia, warder of all things warm, has an effect on the global temperature? Maybe we should be accounting for this affect in our climate models. No wait that would screw up everything we have been working toward. Better plan… let’s look at the sources of data he has been using and manipulate it until it conforms to our thinking. That should solve the dilemma.

  5. A December snowfall in Virginia is unusual, but not all that much so. But when Australia is having December snow, well…

  6. We already had one big SUV earlier this year. Soon after that event we had wildfires in Russia, basically no summer in Canada, and a screwed up jet stream driving real winter down into the Southeastern US and Britain. I tend to think these are related, with the volcano representing a significant contributing factor to the strange weather in the Northern hemisphere this year – maybe ten to thirty percent of the variation from the norm.

    The vast majority of the remainder would likely be due to the sun. Currently there are no sunspots at all and it’s snowing in Australia in midsummer.

  7. Maybe the Obama administration will require the auto firms to bring back a new version of the old Stanley Steamer. Not only will help in the fight for global cooling, but also replace demand for foreign oil with new demand for domestic coal. 🙂

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