7 thoughts on “The Education Of Eric Holder”

  1. Well, if he keeps saying that Muslims have been radicalized since Obama was elected, he won’t be keeping that job much longer.

  2. These guys will go down in history as a veritable Gaffe Gang.

    57 states, 364 days, two years ago, and most anything that Joe Biden says…

  3. I recall that domestic terrorism was a higher priority than foreign during the Clinton administration too. It’s like they’re only running the worst parts of the Clinton reelection playbook.

  4. Eric Holder has a job because his boss wants him to do what he’s doing. Only if the press puts on the pressure will he [immediately] be thrown under the bus… [crickets…]

  5. Janet Reno held her job for a long time by 1) “looking for” evidence of wrong-doing by the Clintons 2) “finding ‘none'” and 3) having a very long private meeting with the President. In other words, she blackmailed him.

    Holder could keep his job indefinitely just by laying his hands on Obama’s birth certificate and/or college transcripts…

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