14 thoughts on “Keeping My Readers Safe For The Holidays”

  1. That is funny. Twisted. But funny. Y’all observe the four rules of gun safety out there. Meanwhile have a laugh and watch this video. Merrry Christmas! Except to zombies. *)>

  2. I think it’s absolutely appalling that tip no. 4 doesn’t recommend recoilless rocket launchers. Sure you might burn up the furniture with the exhaust but those are little kids and the kick from a high powered weapon might hurt the little tots.

  3. Rocket launchers can be dangerous to shoot indoors because the backblast can kill you. Now, flamethrowers are a different matter…

  4. I am in love with the black-haired pony tail advising against mistletoe.

    Don’t worry, honey, I brought my own!

    And what is wrong with that ungrateful little girl, pouting over her pistol?

  5. And what is wrong with that ungrateful little girl, pouting over her pistol?

    Maybe she remembered this rule: no matter how much ammunition you have, you’ll run out before you run out of zombies.

  6. Completely off Topic (except this IS Christmas Zombies of course)
    I ain’t gonna lie to you, I had to sit here a minute, trying to decide whether to share this e-mail below. But then, I thought maybe, just maybe, some idiot liberal troll might look in here and see what “it” is all about.
    This is from USS Kearsarge. They left a month early, to go help the Pakistanis after flooding over there last summer. And, recently, they got the word they they’ve been extended for 6 to 8 weeks.
    How many of us go to work a MONTH early, work for 114 DAYS without a day off, stay at work two MONTHS over, all without going home EVER and then have the intestinal fortitude to send this e-mail? And I’m sure this wasn’t the only one sent like this to reassure us HERE, that they do “it” for a reason.

    Merry Christmas folks, from the entire Shteveo Family.

    24 Dec, 0805 (EST +9)

    Hi guys.

    Not that I don’t think about you guys every day, but you understand why I do so more this time of year.

    We recently left port after spending 114 days underway. It wasn’t the best port, but I got a couple of good meals and an honest to goodness weekend OFF! I think I’m good to go for quite a while, now.

    I got out of my rack this morning, thinking about my fellow service members. Whether they are at sea, on the ground or in the air, we all feel the NEED to be where we are. There are MANY other places we all want to be, but personally, I know where I’m needed. There’s not a one of you that doesn’t understand how another sacrificing for you, can make a difference.

    Do me one favor, when you think of me today or the next week, remember that I WANT to be here, so that YOU can be THERE.

    I’ve got the watch. Sleep well and Merry Christmas.

    Father, husband, son, cousin, friend and shipmate,

    Think of them ALL this weekend

  7. Just because ya saw the governator with a handheld railgun (I forget the movie) and they’re electric doesn’t mean they don’t carry a helluva kick. Definitely not suitable for tots unless on a firmly secured mount which restrict movement to zombie hotspots throughtout the house. However, probably good for point defense around the christmas tree or punch bowl.

    OTOH, zombies that show no intelligence otherwise will never-the-less discover how to disable your power and there goes the railgun.

  8. While flamethrowers are useful for getting rid of dead zombies, undead zombies remain dangerous even while on fire. I’m thinking that pneumatic killing device from ‘no countrty for old men’ on a pole might be just the gadget. You just need a tank of compressed air. Place device against skull and trigger. Not much kick and relatively easy to use. You don’t run out of bullets either. The pole has to be light enough for the kids and I’m not sure how much the actual device on the end weighs, but I think it has possibilities.

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