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  1. I was given one earlier in the year by a customer and I’ll admit that it’s nice and shiny and all the things you expect but it’s still a toy.

    OTOH – we also have a Galaxy Tab Android tablet and like all the Android phones they’re just nowhere near as well finished from a UX perspective as the Apple stuff.

    I’ve a couple of Android devices on my desk and they just don’t replace my iPhone for ease of use… that’s not to say they won’t, probably around Android 3.0 but that’s still a little way off.

  2. I’m interested in a tablet computer for a variety of reasons but mostly to run aviation software. There are a few pieces of software that’ll run on the iPad and one that I know of that’ll run on a Droid but most of the software lacks the functionality I’m looking for. Until I can find the hardware that runs the software I need, I’ll hold off on buying anything.

    I’ve played with the iPad and it’s a good piece of technology but a little big for a general aviation cockpit. I played with a Samsung Galaxy Tab a bit the other day and like the size better than the iPad. Much of the best aviation software out there was written for Windows so I’ve considered getting a tablet netbook like this one but I don’t know how readable the screen is in daylight and the size is still a bit big. The solid state hard drive is essential because conventional hard drives often crash above 10,000 feet altitude.

  3. I finally broke down and bought one when my netbook died. I love it. Its the perfect thing for my daily train commute, and great for taking notes in meetings (audio, handwritten and typed.)

  4. I read that earlier this morning. The writer comes across as a pompous so-and-so.

    A whole bunch of arguments that, if applied to ANY electronics purchase, would leave one in “upgrade paralysis”, as next year’s model is almost ALWAYS going to be better, faster, brighter, etc. than this year’s model.

    “The profit margins are too high”? Um, what?

    The flash thing is already a mushy pile of a former horse.

    And the final few arguments that his time is too valuable to get caught up in playing games and surfing the web. Well, that’s not an argument against an iPad, that’s an argument against any and every tablet, smart phone, and netbook on the market.

    The whole thing struck me as an article best left un-written. But, if I was getting paid per word, then I suppose re-hashing a bunch of worn-out arguments ragging on the current “hip” piece of tech is a pretty easy way to get a paycheck…

  5. My whole gripe with apple can be summised in one word: “I-Tunes”

    Worst piece of crap sotware ever. If you have any savvy at all it is like wearing a straight jacket while being blindfolded.

  6. Gotta agree with John B here. I was expecting to see some specific gripes against a specific hardware product, and all I found were generalities that can be applied to any product, and just about every Apple competitor. Was this the product of some sort of “mad libs” generic complaint article generator where you supply some specific words to fill in the blanks and submit what comes out to gullible editors?

    I’ve played with the iPad and it’s a good piece of technology but a little big for a general aviation cockpit

    I’ve been told that paperback book sized is would be ideal for a “book reader” and other non-phone applications, like what you describe. And current product doesn’t feel that steady or stable being held one handed, and is too heavy for unsupported viewing for very long. (I do iOS programming, and work for a company whose products have had over a million downloads. We haven’t done an iPad version of our app because it doesn’t seem worth the effort…)

  7. I think the main product was a big enough hit that they would indeed be well off selling the “same thing” at about trade paperback size. ‘iPad mini’ even fits the meme. But if they go to iPad Maxi the jokes will be relentless. 😉

  8. I agree with the cult aspect. If you want a true gripe, though this is more for the iPhone than iPad; apple needs to honor warranty claims. Yeah, there is a problem with your antenna, so quit lying about it. And your casing can’t handle basic wear and tear. Most consumers would be put off by apple’s customer service, but not apple fans.

    That said, I’m writing this comment on an iPad. It was great during holiday shopping as I could price compare from anywhere. I saved over $350 over BestBuy’s price tags just this month (although that’s not too tough). I agree with the time wasting, but I waste time here with or without the iPad.

    Merry Christmas

  9. Another minor problem I had in using an iPad for aviation was that when I had it in one orientation (IIRC, portrait mode), the screen was blank while wearing polarized sunglasses. This is likely an issue with LCD screens in general rather than just the iPad. The plane I was riding shotgun in (an Eclipse 500 jet) had 3 LCD screens in the glass cockpit and I couldn’t read them either while wearing my sunglasses. The easiest solution is to remove the sunglasses or get non-polarizing lenses.

  10. Larry, you might want to find sunglasses with a different orientation for it’s polorization. I found that one set of my sunglasses allow for viewing of my iPad in the widescreen layout, and another in the page layout. This makes sense with the way polorization works, so just look for the one that works. You can use the ipad as a tester.

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