Islam On Campus

The numbers from the UK are pretty scary:

The statistic that stood out the most was that 32% of Muslim college students believe it is OK to kill someone in the name of religion. Most who held that belief said that killing is perfectly fine if you are defending your religion. So it shouldn’t be surprising that another CSC study (done in July 2010) revealed that 1/3 of terrorist attacks done by British Muslims the last ten years was done by people who had attended universities.

Other parts of the CSC research found that 40% of Muslims want Sharia law in the UK for Muslims. 1/3 of those want a worldwide Caliphate based on Sharia. There are already over 85 Sharia law schools in the British Isles, so their wish is becoming true. Moreover, 54% of those survey wanted a Muslim Party to be represented in Parliament.

I too would like to see a similar poll done on American campuses.

8 thoughts on “Islam On Campus”

  1. Everybody is willing to kill to defend a fiction. I would kill to uphold the Constitution, even though it is currently a dead letter.

  2. For American campuses, I’d want to know how many of the faculty would be willing to kill, commit fraud, or disenfranchise Americans if they thought it would bring the Revolution.

  3. So they believe it’s okay for Jews and Christians and Buddhists and Scientologists to kill in the name of their religion, right?

    That should more properly be phrased “Muslims college students believe it is OK for Muslims to kill someone in the name of their religion”. For a religion that constantly whines about being offended, they sure don’t have a problem with being offensive to everyone else, do they?

  4. This is just another statistic that we are behind the Europeans on. Fortunately, Obama seems to be working on that:

    You can also assume that after Iraq and Afganistan, we will be “inviting” a lot more, especially if the pro-US government in either country collapses.

    Looking on the bright side, it makes the invasion from the south look a whole lot better.

  5. I think the Left would be shocked to hear the results.

    I don’t. They’re in denial. They know the awful truth. That’s how they cope and integrate it into their twisted worldview.

  6. Islam is about one thing: submitting or surrending your mind, body, soul and land to rule by Allah and his true believers. It is like the Borgs in Star Trek, or The Matrix. As Westerners we are incapable of submitting to this ideology without resisting with everything in our power. That said, why does our govt. permit mass Muslim immigration across what amount to age-old battle lines? Abolish or modify Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration law now to declare a moratorium on immigration from Muslim countries before the consequences get more drastic. The Muslim world is best left far far away from U.S. soil, and for once I hope left and right will see they have common ground to keep this anti-freedom ideology from walking in and setting up shop. CAIR and other American Muslim organizations are an oxymoron.

  7. Another question which SHOULD be asked of every Muslim student (but never will) is the following:

    If radical Islam ever manages to get sharia law implemented in the United States, would you stay in the country? (Y/N)

    I’d be willing to bet the “Yes” response rate would be well north of 50% – thus putting to bed once and for all that quaint fiction that “moderate Muslims don’t support the radical ones”

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