7 thoughts on “Why Sharia Law Is Un-American”

  1. Another reason is that if the government were to allow Sharia courts the 1st Amendment (“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”) could be read as requiring them to allow all religious Courts, as a fair and equal treatment of religions.

    I wouldn’t personally object to this in all ways. I can think of many circumstances where I would personally prefer to be judged under a traditional Christian Court of Equity than a modern American Court. Family law comes to mind.

    But I think we can all think of religions we would not want having Courts. For myself, Scientology jumps right to the front of the list, right up with Islam.

  2. If anything of the sort ever comes to pass, I’ll be founding a religion. How hard can it be if L. Ron Hubbard managed it?

  3. I feel we need to have a theokleptocracy that teaches the virtues of anti-materialism by taking other peoples’ stuff and mocking them publicly when they attempt to bring charges in our courts. I’m not sure yet how to positively differentiate ourselves from all the other religions that’ll be doing the same thing.

  4. It’s one thing to say you have to follow these laws to belong to our religion. It’s quite another to say the rest of you do too because it’s our religion. Yet, supposed liberals think it’s a great idea.

  5. If litigants to a case agree that a certain alternate court should hear their civil case, so be it. But if one litigant can force another to a non-government court wild abuses can be expected.

    We have enough abuses with courts that are in theory accountable to “we the people”. How much worse it would be with courts not so accountable.

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