Farewell, Honey West

Anne Francis has died. She’s the first television star that I recall having a pre-teen attraction to. I thought the pre-Cindy-Crawford mole was kind of hot. I also thought her ocelot was cool. A little eerie that she died so soon after fellow Forbidden Planet star Leslie Neilsen.

Here’s one for the youngsters in the audience. I haven’t heard that theme song in decades.

9 thoughts on “Farewell, Honey West”

  1. Yea, and with the close up of it during the intro you could definitely tell it was freshly plucked too. *Pow Bang Boom [mole closeup] *Pow Zang Zoom [freaky lynx cat] [fade to sex kitten]

  2. This is where all the trouble started.

    20 million adolescent boys got the idea that hot women should be beating up bad guys instead of making sure the martini was properly chilled when the lord and master returned from work.

    Personally, I’m a Barbara Eden “I Dream of Jennie” fan, myself.

  3. Ironic. I just watched “Forbidden Planet” on TCM last night, and was thinking about how few of its players were still alive…and wondering if that adorable Anne Francis was still doing well. I guess not.

  4. K, you say it as if it were a bad thing. I was hot for Honey then, at the ripe old age of 11.

    A few years later I stepped up to to Emma Peel, for similar reasons…

  5. Sad. One of the true ways to tell if an actress is truely beautuful (in a physical way – not trying to be sexest here) is to see her in a movie old enough for styles to change. If she still looks good (thinking Myrna Loy and Katherine Hepburn for fans of realy old movies) she is beautiful. Anne Francis was truely beautiful.

    From a couple of inteviews I read with her over the years she appeared to be a nice and (for an actress) suprisingly level headed woman.

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