3 thoughts on “Increasing Gasoline Prices”

  1. Well, to be fair, it says TOP five. I’m sure he’s done more than that… at least one thing for every month that he’s been in office.

  2. Also these mostly affect long term prices. The run-up in prices right now is easily attributable to the decline of the value of the dollar (since oil is priced in dollars) and that comes directly from the Fed’s “QE2” printing of $600 billion more dollars in a futile and pernicious effort to boost sagging home prices and hiring by pumping up inflation a bit. (Inflation erodes the value of savings, which prods people with cash reserves — investors and potential homebuyers — to spend them before they decline in value too much.)

    Any idiot could have predicted that QE2 would lead directly and immediately to higher gasoline costs, and since QE2 isn’t done yet, plus we have an unusually cold winter, plus travel by car is looking much more attractive than TSA groping, we can look for substantially higher gas and oil costs in the new year. I predict $5 per gallon on or around Memorial Day.

    You would think that politicians would be more sensitive to the price of gas than they seem to be. My theory of why they’re not is the brilliance (from their point of view) of having Election Day in November. Gas prices almost always rise from November to May, because of the winter demand and in anticipation of the summer travel demand. Then they almost always fall from mid-summer to November, which allows government to take credit (or at least escape much blame), whatever they do, for falling prices.

    The wisdom of moving Election Day to April 15 is yet more apparent.

  3. @Carl … ditto! I was thinking the same thing.

    We need more FFVs to we could have the option of burning methanol (not ethanol) instead of gasoline.

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