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  1. “If you want your health care delivered with the speed and efficiency of the Post Office and the compassion of the IRS, Obamacare is the program for you.”

    I loved this line from the comments.

  2. That line is hilarious. I was trying to figure out how to factor NASA in there as well for the trifecta but figured that would be just plain mean.

  3. I was trying to figure out how to factor NASA in there

    Even the USPS is more speedy and efficient. Not much of a comparison.

  4. Who gives a damn? The urgency in repealing Obamacare hasn’t much to do with its fiscal effects. I would want it repealed even if the Chinese or aliens from Alpha Centauri offered to pay the entire bill. Because it is deeply wrong, a vile stinking abhorrent offense against the dignity and liberty of free men and women, a renewed feudal enslavement worse than anything the Catholic Church of 1450 ever thought up.

    Here is another fine essay on the general subject — the importance of prizing liberty and responsibility — by the inimitable Mark Steyn.

    The sad addition I would make to Steyn’s column is that perhaps decline is inevitable: the price of leadership and responsibility is too high to bear indefinitely. When you take command, all the world’s parasites and whiners train their sights on you — oops, sorry about the hate speech! Don’t shoot! — and then it’s hell on Earth for you, you poor schlub.

    Who now associates imperialism with all its evils with anyone other than the British? Do we remember the Spanish in Mexico, the Dutch in South Africa, the French in Vietnam, the brutality of Indian society before the raj? Who associates slavery with anyone other than the United States? Do we recall that up to the 17th century or thereabouts there were more white slaves than black? That black slavery in the United States began with the willingness of one black man to sell another to the ships of whites waiting offshore? Do black Democratic leaders credit white Republicans for the 13th Amendment? Do feminists credit male voters for the 19th? Are we grateful to the auto industry for inventing the seat belt, antilock brakes, airbags? To the power industry for pollution-control scrubbers, circuit breakers, three-pronged safety plugs? To wealthy “greedy” entrepreneurs for bringing us cell phones, cheap computers, vaccines against cervical cancer, antibiotics, electricity, cheap food, warm clothing?

    That’s what happens when you take the lead: you get all the blame, all the time, and it gets worse if you have a conscience and you feel bad about your mistakes — the parasites smell blood! No wonder after a while any nation or culture tires of being everybody’s whipping boy and beast of burden.

    Does it really even work different in private life? Be a leader — take command, shoulder responsibility, take on and feel the worries of others, make it clear you act from human fellowship and the dictates of conscience, demanding no recognition or reward other than the satisfaction of easing the burdens of others — and what happens? Gratitude? Recognition? Reward?

    Sometimes, yes. Sometimes we get lucky. But how often is it rather — more demands? Fiercer blame for failure? Stricter criteria for success? Goalposts another ten yards downfield, and another, and still another?

    Human beings are appallingly cruel to our best, our true heroes, the men and women who see — feel — the sufferings of others and willingly put their shoulders to the wheel. Hey, you’re strong. Hold this for me. Er…and this, too. Gosh, why are you staggering so? Be careful, damn it.

  5. Sorry, gentlemen. Off my meds again.

    Alas, ken, my heart belongs to the Nordic Bergman smile, patented by Ingrid, occasionally duplicated by Isabella.

  6. Carl:

    I’m pretty sure ACA does not mandate burning people to death for having unorthodox views about the composition of communion wafers.

    So “worse than anything the Catholic Church of 1450 ever thought up.” seems a at least a little over the top.

  7. Really, Will? You think a bit o’ bureaucratic regulation by a committee of Washington lawyers of what kind of healthcare is “appropriate” won’t result in a painful death here or there?

    But it’s different because the intentions are good, right? Do you mind if I point out that the Catholic Church burnt people at the stake in order to save their immortal souls? Their intentions were good, too.

    But I do concede your minor point. It isn’t exactly the same. The President doesn’t wear a miter and carry a crozier, either. Drat. There goes my whole argument!

  8. Carl:

    Compared to what? Given a choice between between Medicare writing a blank check for everything and Medicare deciding that it’s not “appropriate” to pay for everything, I much prefer the second choice. In the second case, citizens that disagree with Medicare can pay for uncovered treatment themselves, or buy insurance to cover the gaps. They’ll have more income to pay for it if they haven’t been paying taxes for unlimited Medicare.

  9. Obamacare will lead down a long, ugly road to euthanasia. “We don’t pay for that pain reliving treatment or that other pain relieving treatment either. You can have slow painful death or save yourself and us time and money and just let us kill you. Your family will thank us for it.”

  10. Given a choice between between…

    Sure. And given a choice between Obamacare and being eaten by rabid hungry wolves — why, I’ll take Obamacare.

    Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, can we pile all the other straw men in the corner and light them on fire, maybe shed a little more light and less heat on the topic?

    If you want to fix Medicare, fix Medicare. Don’t obfuscate the issue of all the other things in that wretched law. I see no need — or honesty — in rolling bits of candy into a 2,600 page dumpster-load of dogshit, broken glass and arsenic — and then crying OMG! If we don’t swallow this whole steaming pile we’ll miss all that sweet, sweet candy!

    It’s not true. There’s nothing that prevents Congress from doing anything they please with Medicare without touching the rest of the practice of medicine. Indeed, a proper sense of humility would suggest that if Medicare has got problems — and it has! — Congress ought to demonstrate its competence in fixing that before we trust them to take command of all healthcare.. Only in politics does anyone imagine the correct reward for a management screw-up is more responsibility and power.

  11. Obamacare will lead down a long, ugly road to euthanasia.


    Thanks, I knew I’d have a gem from you guys today.

    Sure it will. Just like does in all those other countries with the better and better value healthcare…

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