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  1. Did she actually ask the guys at NASA if the Mars rovers could see the Apollo landing sites?

    And if she did, then how in the hell did she graduate law school at Univ. of Virginia (the arch enemy of my school Va Tech)?

  2. So being seen by a doctor is now a “right?” And if no doctor wants to see you, then what?

    I’d love to see the medical profession, from tech to brain surgeon, just walk off the job for a day. It would then become crystal clear that someone actually has to provide this thing which is everyone else’s by right.

    People have a “right” to what medical professionals do? Well, then, they — the providers of medical services — are now slaves. Ironic that the first black president and one of his black cohorts in Congress would be the ones to bring back this institution.

  3. Neil Cavuto interviewed her later that afternoon on Fox. If it is still possible, you MUST see that interview. Cavuto is to be commended for his herculean effort to be civil and for trying to conduct a logical conversation with her. She simply does not think like the rest of us.


    Man wy u a raciss Wy you be hatin dat bold black sista she just speak troof to power!!!!! u beter be carefful it gon be aginst the laws to say racis things soon and they takeway yo internets. You stole the moon from us any way. PAY WUT U OWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ah yes, CongressWOMAN Sheila Jackson Lee. I know to the leftest morons out there, they probably don’t believe that I tend to find talk radio boring. Whether it is Rush, Hanity, Beck, or someone talking about Palin. However, there is a local Houston guy (he sometimes subs for Mark Levin) that has made a gig out of playing the stupidity of CongressWOMAN Sheila Jackson Lee.

    I don’t know if Bruce Lewis has heard of Michael Berry, but his rant just above sounds like one Michael Berry would air to make fun of the CongressWOMAN Sheila Jackson Lee. She truly is an embarrassment, but if we have to live with her (and thinks to the Supreme Court required gerrymandering, we do); at least there is someone willing to make fun of her. When she gives him material like today, Berry will have reasonable in tears of laughter.

    Yeah, he’s called racist. And it’s by people who pretend to know what free speech is, and yet don’t understand that he’s ridiculing a member of Congress for doing stupid things. Berry has a good schtick for handling those people too.

  6. “…who asked NASA if the Mars rovers would be able to see the Apollo landing site.”

    No, but they can see the Great Wall of China… 🙂

  7. Keith: Pretty easily. Law school doesn’t require any practical knowledge of physics, the solar system’s structure, or the like.

    People who are complete know-nothings about space might well just mentally assume “space travel followed by landing” all ends up at the same place – and it’s perfectly plausible for someone to go through law school without knowing anything at all about space. (Just as it’s plausible for someone to get a doctorate in physics without any knowledge of the law.)

    The real problem here is not that she wasn’t taught anything about space exploration in school, but that she didn’t bother to learn any before having to deal with NASA as a Congresswoman.

    (And the other problem is that somehow she graduated from law school and doesn’t have any idea how the 5th or 14th Amendments work.

    Or, she does and she’s just talking a giant pile of feces, but I’m trying to be charitable; I consider ignorance far less culpable than deceit.)

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