5 thoughts on “Me On The Internet Radio”

  1. hehe, might have gotten some agreement on the discussion points beforehand. “Actually, that’s a folk tale and you’re an idiot” you might as well said. 🙂

    Still, I enjoyed it.

  2. I just have a comment to make, Rand. I don’t want to crush anyone’s listening pleasure either.

    But you sound a little quiet and monotonous there at the beginning. Don’t know if it was the quality of the line or what. But a little more force and tonal variation would help your delivery I think. Definitely improved by the end of the segment.

    Also, I see that GM taints yet another comments page. That really annoys me.

  3. to follow up from Karl’s comment–what you have to say, Rand, is so worthwhile that it’s a shame when the technical issues get in the way. I’ve heard you on Fox and I know you can speak well but listen to the melody of your voice and notice how you got so much better after 3 minutes–like Lilleth in the TV show Frasier letting her hair down. Also, you might need a better phone–the artifacts were quite distracting.
    Hope to hear more of your interviews.

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