5 thoughts on “Do You Have To Be Mad To Be A Scientist?”

  1. Of all of the creations of fiction, the evil, omnipotent mad scientist is the silliest, least-frightening, and furthest from reality. But then, I speak from the perspective of an engineer (sometimes referred to as a scientist). For a long time, I couldn’t figure out what the sinister appeal was for this kind of character, knowing what they’re all really like. But because of modern education, I think more of the population looks at science as magic, scientists as magicians, and magicians as potential evil witches since no one understands their power, it its limits.

  2. It’s not just scientists. Two friends I’ve had that became self made millionaires (one I helped) had personalities that can best be described as “Quirky.”

  3. Everything else aside, the film by Edison of electrocuting an elephant was bizarre, I’m glad the film quality was so poor. But the comment

    “One animal was hurt in the making of this film.”


  4. Would electrocution be considered vitriolic speech? Perhaps we could introduce some of the old days to those complaining about crosshairs?

    Perhaps a hotfoot here and there would be in order?

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