7 thoughts on “Diplomatic Supergenius”

  1. Actually, Biden said he wouldn’t refer to Mubarek as a dictator. That leaves it deliciously up in the air what Biden actually thinks of Mubarek.

  2. Based on Drudge, it appears that Obama is taking credit for a successful revolution.

    If that is the case, I would suggest the US embassy start burning files immediately. Why wait for the “students” to show up?

  3. This is the “sputnik moment” that Obama’s supporters have been wishing for. The world is changing before our eyes. In a year how many governments will have fallen? How will the world be different? Will Iran’s government finally topple too? Syria’s? Jordan’s? Yemen’s? Saudi Arabia’s? China’s?

    The President’s response to these stunning events has so far been extremely tepid. Little more than mealy mouthed platitudes and a speech that could easily have come from an elementary school teacher lecturing his students to be nice during recess. More is required.

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