5 thoughts on “Good News In The S3x Business”

  1. I’m trying to figure out exactly what a pimp does. I’m think ‘Eve the psychic pimp’ from ‘blast from the past’ is not a typical example. Turning to Wikipedia ‘the pope of pimps’, Fillmore Slim, got his start when as a blues singer in a bar a woman came up to him and said, “I like you. I want you to have this money.”

    Somehow that doesn’t clear things up for me?

    I’m sure there must be some psychological reason beyond the agent/worker relationship since a woman doesn’t really need a lot of help offering sex. All she has to do is publically wear a T-shirt that says, “Available” and she’d have plenty of potential customers.

  2. In an environment in which her profession is illegal, and she can’t go to the police, he provides protection from the customers and others who might want to exploit her.

  3. So the pimp exploits her instead? My granny had a solution, you only get to hurt her once, after that you never get to ever sleep again. When she said it, you knew she meant it.

  4. So the pimp exploits her instead?

    Yes. File under “the devil you know vs. the devil you don’t know”.

  5. It’s also worth noting that a pimp is at least interested in the physical health of the prostitute otherwise they lose money. That’s a big step up over a customer.

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