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  1. It still addresses the idea specifically in the context of space situational awareness data sharing. An expanded and more generic version of the concept will be in a forthcoming issue of New Atlantis.

  2. The coast guard started with ten boats. How many will the space guard start with (and do they all get racing stripes?)

    They would also be an arm of the law if they follow the coast guard pattern. What kind of lawman would they be? What would be their jurisdiction and legal authority? Over whom?

  3. Thomas Sowell seems to indicate that the number one benefit to economic growth is simple land ownership. Rather than a marxist moon, if people claim plots on the moon what would it take for others to recognize those claims?

    It does seem that EM1 would be the best place for logistical support to any spot on the moon.

  4. Ken,
    Mr. Reynolds has written a paper or two, and linked to more, about space property rights on Instapundit. He covers that question in at least one paper I’ve read. I’d go dig up the link for you, but I’m lazy tonight and enjoying a fine new blue corn whiskey. So instead I’ll be content with pointing you in that general direction 😉

  5. I’ve read enough Ryan, my question below the question is what right does any entity on this planet to decide what happens in space? Nobody owns any of it, but they can claim it. Then somebody can take it away from those that claim it. Force is the only true law.

    First we find consent of the governed is a lie.

    Then we find that inalienable rights are a lie.

    There is no honor nor truth with government.

  6. Ken is correct … And that is the first stumbling block. The US has no claim nor jurisdiction on what happens in LEO over any other nation. What if China doesn’t want to play ball and decides to start testing more ASAT weapons and creates more debris? Even if all the current player in the ISS agreed to set up a consortium under which the USSG would act, that still leaves China out in the cold.

    And who sets the laws and regulations for other vessels in orbit. The UN? That would be a joke. The before mentioned “Consortium” … Again, China would have to want to play ball.

    But, in arguendo, let’s say those issues were resolved then this could really help out with the HSF effort if done correctly. The USSG would probably want it’s own base … it’s own space station. Several different types of space vehicles … and OTV … perhaps a debris clearer … Patrol vessels nuclear-powered with ionic thrusters and chemical thrusters for quick acceleration to catch those drug smuggling OTVs from the the Cartels …

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