20 thoughts on “The Friends And Enemies”

  1. That was painful to watch. We have GOT to get someone else in charge of our country in 2012. Unfortunately, our next president will have to embark on his/her own apology tour, apologizing to our real allies for our country’s incomprehensibly feckless behavior toward them during the last few years.

  2. This missed:
    1) Sending Churchill’s bust back.
    2) Obama’s kids received tailored traditional British outfits. Brown’s kids got “Marine One” from the White House Gift Shop.

  3. It also left out the stalled free trade agreement with Columbia. As many examples as were included in the video, we could probably list many more things that were left out.

  4. I don’t personally mind a new apology tour to our allies after 2012. I think it will be warranted. What this man has done to our country’s world image is astonishingly horrid. The most telling point the video made is that these things can’t possibly be anything other than calculated.

  5. He tries to keep these things under ten minutes.

    Yep, Youtube compatibility is the standard of new media. But, you cannot ask even Bill Whittle to fully capture this revanchist administration in <10 min any more than you'd ask Ansel Adams to capture the Grand Canyon on a Polaroid.

  6. Jeff/Beaneater,

    I agree with everything Bill Whittle says here but I would be deeply disappointed if the next president engaged in some stupid “apology tour.”

    That was one of the components of the Obama foreign that so clearly identifies it as asanine and child-like.

    You apologize for the things you do that which you regret. Obama’s apology tour was an expression of contempt for political opponents. It was fundamentally an act of hypocrisy. It’s like when a child says of a person he doesn’t like, “I’m sorry he’s such a moron.”

    There was nothing introspective or sincere about that apology tour. The best way to see that something so stupid never happens again is to regard with cold contempt the brainless idiocy that inspired it.

    The best way for the next president to make clear to allies and enemies that things will be done differently is to pointedly do things differently without comment about what came before.

    Leave the apology tours for simpletons like Obama.

  7. Joe Triscari:

    I couldn’t have expressed it any better. I cringe when I think about the “apology tour.”

    A politically liberal friend who is somewhat more on the pragmatic side in his parenting has this expression for when kids talk too much: over sharing. Our President hasn’t gotten the parental lecture on over sharing.

  8. The only people who need to apologize are the ones who voted for Obama in 2008 even though they knew better. They can go on a tour, apologizing to everyone who’s lost their job or otherwise had a precarious situation made worse by Obama’s policies.

  9. But McGehee, McCain/Palin would have been worse. No matter what Obama did. Honest.

    If Obama was caught eating babies, then McCain would have done it too, in a more crass, aggressive way. Or maybe he’d have kicked the bucket and then we’d have Palin. What would happen to our precious babies then?

  10. The clear point is that BHO is giving aid and comfort to enemies while insulting our friends. If America still existed somebody would be shot for treason.

    His treason is consistent. There is no wiggle room at all.

  11. “But McGehee, McCain/Palin would have been worse. No matter what Obama did. Honest.”

    But Karl, seriously, the question is if Hillary Clinton would have been worse. Or any better.

    You knew that after years of BDS and Iraq War Fatique not to mention the rapidly crashing economy, that it was the Democrat’s turn. Barack Obama benefited from the anybody-but-Hillary, but it is hard to say how that would have turned out.

  12. Karl, once again I find myself struggling to understand why folks believe that Palin would be worse than Obama. I know that technically we are comparing an actual president to a potential vice president, but your basic premise is something I frequently hear or read without anyone providing sufficient logic for me to chew on. Help me out here.

    And frankly, after hearing Whittle’s summary do you think that ANY of that would have occurred on McCain’s watch? I perceive that most people believe McCain would have been a lousy president and I agree with them, but I am not so sure at this point that McCain would have been worse than Obama has been, simply on the basis of Obama’s choice of AG, Sec State, Sec HHS, Sec Homeland Security, Sec Trans, czar appointments, and SCOTUS nominations.

  13. Maybe the international community would’ve done better not to have anointed Obama with the sacred oils of the Peace Prize before he actually implemented a foreign policy.

  14. @Pro Libertate

    Why? I’d say they’re getting exactly what they wanted out of the Dear Leader. The US is a paper tiger now.

  15. A paper tiger with some loyal patriots that still have long sharp teeth. If we can get our smaller government, let our economy recover and act like adults on the world stage… those that see us as a paper tiger and treating us like a piñata will discover a big well armed kitty underneath.

    This is why they sneak into our government to take us from within. They know, even with nukes, they can’t take us from the outside.

    We are fighting an enemy that calls themselves patriotic Americans when they are anything but. It’s going to be a long fight, occasionally including our military as well. Actually, probably always including our military, but not hopefully, all out and everywhere (all out is good, everywhere is not.)

    Or perhaps everywhere is good? Live free or die.

  16. The question should be how to get pieces like this to a broader audience? You’ll never be able to buy time on the nets for something like this. It would be censored in a heart beat.

  17. You mean like the tv station that took Christine O’Donnell’s money then never aired her spot?

    I was thinking this is exactly the type of thing they should run as a national spot. Actually, we might take a page out of Ross Perot. A hour of time is a lot cheaper than an hour of commercial spots.

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