10 thoughts on “On The Difficulty Of Being An Adult”

  1. Answering e-mail, returning phone calls, eating right and cleaning ‘things’ makes you an adult?

    I’m obviously missing something here. Was this general humor or satire or just sad personal comment?

  2. Heh – read that and wanted to tell the author to get an online (2nd? job too) and use that to pay someone to come in and “CLEAN EVERYTHING” and grocery shop and do the bills… lol.

    Funny. But perhaps a bit too true.

  3. The only thing I find weird about this cartoon is that the author (and some of his respondents) are willing to say it aloud. It used to be that when a person felt this way — and, of course, we all do, from time to time — he would be deeply embarassed by it, and keep it as shamefacedly secret as his masturbation habits.

    Maybe it’s the 21st century equivalent of Three Stooges humor: people willing to reveal their inner doofus for yuks. I do find it a little odd that so many of us are willing to be Curly in public, though.

  4. I do the Shemp in private and wash afterwards.</i?

    While it isn't easy going through life with the same name as one of the Three Stooges, it could've been worse. My parents could've named me Shemp.

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