3 thoughts on ““My People””

  1. Comment at Althouse:

    chickelit said…
    “My People” translates to Mein Volk in German.

    Just Sayin’

  2. That’s one of the many reasons why Rep. Allen West is such an important figure, his people are we the people… plus he knows his American history.

    He’d be my choice for VP, putting to rest any thought that Sarah would be soft on Islamic terrorism. I’d love to see West debate Biden! …and this time around, Sarah would absolutely roast BHO/BS because he can’t hide the last few years.

    No more RINOs! Evah!

    While I have my reservations about Sarah, they are not the idiotic ones you mostly hear. The main thing is she would end the energy policy of the evil party once and for all which would be a real stimulus to the economy.

    Then it would be an honor to see Prez. West in 2020.

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