When Is No-Fly Zone…

…a no-fly zone?

Joe Pappalardo makes the case against one. I’m on record as supporting one (though of course, it was a quick blog post, and I always reserve the right to change my mind), but I was actually being more generic. While the points Joe makes are all valid, what I was really advocating was rendering Colonel Whathisname incapable of attacking civilians from the air. The scenario he lays out would do that just about as well, and at much less cost and risk.

3 thoughts on “When Is No-Fly Zone…”

  1. Act fast and the backlash will fade more quickly

    Yep, just what our ditherer in chief is likely to do. An effective act for freedom. Right up his alley.

  2. Why can’t Egypt do this?

    Khadafy (I can spell it any way I like) is using mercs against his own nation. The only decent thing to do would be to help those people, but not with direct military action because he’s not attacking us. That’s what spies are for, fighting and denying it. We could destroy their jets on the ground and deny them their airfields with cluster bombs. That’s a job for the spies.

    Using Egypt to do it is a fine way for spies to work. Dithering doesn’t work while people are dying.

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