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  1. Indeed. Game is exposing all sorts of pretty lies we’ve been telling ourselves.

    Hopefully this exposure will pop the Misandry Bubble and bring out an end to feminism. Maybe then we won’t have to import millions of Latin American immigrants just to keep our population stable.

  2. Beta Males of American English literature who failed big at being Alpha Males:

    Roger Prynne (a.k.a. Roger Chillingworth)

    James Gatz (a.k.a. Jay Gatsby)

    I mean,who were the Puritans in handing out Scarlet Letters for adultery in that what this was about was leveling the playing field, that the Ur Geek of ol’ Roge would stand an even chance hanging on to a babe like Hester? Even the Puritan moral code could not stand in the way of an Alpha Babe Magnet like Art Dimmesdale. Roge got his revenge by nagging Artie to death, losing his own soul in the process. Just like high school with the nerds vs the jocks. Bummer, man.

    And what was there to Gatsby besides youthful self-improvement, social climbing, amassing an ill-gotten fortune so he could stare out from his mansion at the green light at the end of Daisy’s dock. For his troubles he got himself shot dead by the confused Beta husband of the mistress of his Alpha rival, with only his poppa along with Jack McCoy to show up at his funeral.

  3. The thing I find interesting is that in the process of supposedly curing discrimination of the sexes, it appears that we as a society institutionalized several new ways of discriminating based on sex and encourage a return to the old sexual behaviors (alpha males with a number of sexual partners while beta males tended to scrap over leftover females). While I’m not sure I buy a lot of the interpretations of male/female behavior, it is worth noting that a lot of it seems rather primitive, like a tribe of monkeys rather than a civilization of men, and the problem seems worse in urban areas than rural.

    Even if you don’t buy in fully to this viewpoint, it remains tiresome how modern politics from the left keeps creating these artificial conflicts and divisions. We have conflict of the s3xes exacerbated by consistent unfairness on the female side; we have conflict of ethnic groups with whoever is perceived to be on top (“white” and “asian”) discriminated against in favor of those perceived to be on the bottom; we have conflicts of age where pyramid-scheme Social Security and government-based pension funds take wealth from the working and give it to the retired; tax policy is used to further class struggle, especially the conflict between wealthy and poor, where class need not exist, public employees receive a variety of publicly funded benefits (including the big ones of job security, health care, and pensions) at the expense of those in the private world, and we have a pretty big division in tax benefits and social status between rural and urban (ironically tax money tends to go more to rural regions).

    To me, it’s deeply troubling that so many divisions are maintained by the people who hypocritically pride themselves on being the tolerant ones. Such things indicate to me an insincerity and/or irrationality that makes it difficult to work with them.

  4. I find the subject of Game almost impossibly depressing, probably because I suspect that it is fairly well-grounded and works a sufficiently high percentage of the time.

    I mean that’s it. All of our hopes and dreams, any notion of transcending our animalistic nature and building within ourselves an enlightened and truly noble soul–forget it. Game says we’re just hormonal meat monkeys, destined to screw each other over in the desperate, egomaniacal quest to screw each other. Think we can appreciate each other as intellectual, soulful, and honest entities? Nope. Game has you labelled, categorized, and will define the arena of social interaction with rules that say you are best off treating the opposite sex as a means to an end, period.

    If I’m still around when the Singularity hits, I’m uploading as soon as it’s feasible to do so. There must be more to this mundane existence than learning vaguely sociopathic social interaction techniques designed to get gullible women to sleep with you. I know that we human beings are fundamentally just animals, but I’d like to think that we’re capable of evolving to some higher intellectual plane, rather than just spending our time learning new ways to tickle our brain’s pleasure-response function.

  5. I had to read The Great Gatsby in 11th grade (1976-77). I was so utterly bored that after the assignment I promptly forgot the entire plot (save the green light and the car wreck). Without Wikipedia that’s all I would know today.

    Fortunately, I read The Scarlet Letter as an adult. If Chillingsworth was a beta male, Dimmesdale was an Epsilon male. How many literary figures are wussier than that guy?

    I was about to call Dimmesdale a gamma male, but that more accurately (and in an entirely different context) describes Bruce Banner. And the next letter in the Greek alphabet will always conjure the image of John Belushi in a toga.

  6. I was rather “lucky.” but I happen to notice that when I was only lucky once, I really didn’t care, but when I was lucky a bunch of times at the same table, things were a lot better.

  7. Apparently at one point when I was about 19 or 20, I had Game. I didn’t realize it, but later I was told that at the time one of my friends was running me down behind my back because of it.

    It sure didn’t seem to me like I was a Player, but I guess everything is relative.

  8. The linked article mostly says to me that ESR is an asshole, but then what else is new…at least it wasn’t written by RMS.

  9. When I read this stuff, I am SOOOOO glad that I met my wife in JRHS, dated her through HS, we got married months after she graduated HS, we’ve been married for 38 years, I’m just SOOOO glad I can’t verbalize it!!!
    The very thought that I would have to spend years of my life, hours of my time, money from my pay going from one BS date / fling / tryst, etc to another and another, rmakes me wanna puke! Where’s the joy or fun in doing that? That’s not a meaningful life, that’s a life of conquest and tally sheets.

    I think this supposed “Game” and acknowledging it are PART of “GAME”. After all, if you just get a ton of sex, and the only one’s who know are YOU and the OTHER horndogs, where’s the fun? I’ve known these clowns, male and female, and half their “Game” is rubbing it in the faces of the NON-Gamers.

    To quote Valley Girls, “AS IF…”

    F*^k the “Game” idea. Give me someone who I know has my back, who is there for me through thick and thin, rich and poor, someone who will be a partner without sex and with sex, not just someone to F*^k.
    Of course, and in the first place, I never bought into men and women being the same except for plumbing differences.
    I was talking to Mrs Der Schtumpy yesterday while we waited for church to start. (yes, I do use those words AND go to church. my failings are WHY I go) We were looking at the boys and girls and how they were dressed. This is kids able to and old enough to pick their own clothes, 8 and up in age I guess.
    The girls were all dressed UP, cute, bows in combed hair, cute shiny shoes, some with little purses…kid dressy, in other words.

    The boys were barely dressed up. Most looked like they were head out to play or help dad cut the grass. Not one was kid dressy at all. Save having on a clean pull-over shirt with a collar, they were ready for camping or digging a hole in the yard.
    There is a difference in male and female and if you look you can see it even from the decisions children make and the things they like.
    don’t buy this BS. We’re not just meat monkeys. Think about it, are YOU or YOUR significant other anything like America’s #1 Meat Monkey, Charlie Sheen? Or the other media meat monkeys?
    Being like that is a choice for 98% of them, there are that few who have a natural aura. And by that I don’t even mean good looking, I just mean a natural charisma. But NOT all of them will act like meat monkeys. In my experience 100% of any given group, same attributes will not act the same, do the same things in a given situation.

    And finally, no wonder there was an AIDS epidemic and there still is an STD problem in the country!!

    Yuck people!! Yuck!!

  10. Well spoken, Der Schtumpy! My wife and I have been happily married 24 years, and through the years I continue to marvel that I convinced her to marry me. We have been blessed with four happy and healthy kids, and the adventure continues to this day.

  11. +1 to Der Schtumpy particularly:

    After all, if you just get a ton of sex, and the only one’s who know are YOU and the OTHER horndogs, where’s the fun?

    Saying this as a person who had game in college yet found it rather unrewarding. The best I can say about the experience is those who pay for sex are really really pathetic. It really isn’t that hard to get it, and once you learn that (if you ever needed to learn it); then you realize how pathetic it is to boast about it.

    There are over 6 billion people in the world, which means 12 billion people (keeping it simple) had sex at least 6 billion times. Not much of a challenge there.

  12. I’m a little underwhelmed. I don’t think H. sapiens has pure gorilla culture. If nothing else, the sexual dimorphism doesn’t seem sufficient. For another thing, our females don’t really do well cooperating in raising the young — competition is more the order of the day, as anyone observing mothers’ sharp elbows on behalf of their offspring in the best preschools can observe.

    That suggests to me that, even from a pure evolutionary biological point of view, “success” for the alpha includes behaviour well beyond penetration, stuff that maximizes the success of the offspring — which implies some much more complex “victory” than who gets to poke around in the largest number and variety of bush.

    The contrary viewpoint, expressed by the PUA, seems actually to me the kind of sour-grapes consolation-prize viewpoint the aging roue uses to buck himself up as his mighty love tool begins to lose its starch and he contemplates Rogaine and bariatric surgery to keep his “game.” Sure, my genes and memes die with me — but I’ve had more women than any of you! Er…okay. But I personally feel comfortable trading 100 one-night stands for 5 successful children and contributions to science that are requoted and used. Both seem more likely to keep my name and nature alive a century hence. (Indeed, a notable elision in the PUA viewpoint is the relationship of the soi disant alpha to other men. And yet, I suspect women pay attention to that kind of thing. A man’s relationship to other men says quite a lot about his true power and status, much more than whether he confidently touches her on the knee.)

    That said, I don’t deny our primate nature. Women do often enough, and as a general matter — there are many individual exceptions — seek alphas. But there are, first, many more ways of being alpha than having a lot of notches on your bedroom post, and, second, I think the actual female evolutionary goal is better stated as “get the strongest horse you can ride.” An alpha that is beyond her ability to control is no prize, not something to take home, although he may be fun for a ride once or twice.

    It may be true that as we as a society replace actual men with artificial men (e.g. the government) in the lives of women, they feel more free to enjoy riding the bad boys and feel less urgency in finding a domesticable mount for the long haul. And I would agree this is destructive, inasmuch as it is neither sustainable nor ultimately satisfying to either sex.

  13. Mr. Henderson – This is related to the undoubted fact that in UK society (and perhaps to a more limited extent in the USA too) the people with the evolutionary advantage are Epsilon-Minus Semi-Morons. Just read the papers!

  14. if you’re a beta male and not a natural, learning some PUA game might sound icky but it would sure beat masturbating to porn for the rest of your life.

    That was subtle…

  15. It may be true that as we as a society replace actual men with artificial men (e.g. the government) in the lives of women, they feel more free to enjoy riding the bad boys and feel less urgency in finding a domesticable mount for the long haul. And I would agree this is destructive, inasmuch as it is neither sustainable nor ultimately satisfying to either sex.

    I am not sure this is correct. If women do not need men to raise children (due to alternate support), then why should they not select the best sperm available for their children? This is what we do for animal breeding programs, why would people be any different? In the absence of the need for male support, why would this strategy not be satisfying to women? Historically, men and women died frequently and children were often raised by extended family – this is not new.

    Now I think in the current world, society is somewhat splitting into two, those who raise kids alone with the best genes available (as perceived by the young soon to be mother), and those who wait till they are older, find the best supportive father possible and raise the best children they possibly can. The second strategy leads to fewer but more competent children (k verse r breeding strategy). I suspect the “k” strategy will eventually win out for the human species. Though one wonders.

  16. Pete,
    the problem with young women in the PUA crowd who breed quickly for their insta-family, is that they are picking from a like group of males who have “Game”. But they aren’t finding out anything else. That’s a great breeding program, IF you’re breeding children to have that natural game. (what if insanity not only runs in his family, it gallops!)
    Otherwise, there’s a line those women cross when they start slowing down, and seek a breeding partner or even a husband. They may have game, but they’ll use it to snag THE best overall provider not just to get the best looking guy. And chances are he’ll be from a meeting situation that isn’t a club or bar.

  17. If women do not need men to raise children (due to alternate support)

    Whether the women need men is not very relevant. The issue, as has become increasingly and very painfully recognized, is that children need fathers in order to turn out well. Accordingly, reproductive success for a woman does indeed, ultimately, turn on her ability to keep the father of her children around, just as much as reproductive success for a man turns on his ability to secure a mother for his children in the first place.

    This is not to say that as a culture we won’t choose to ignore those facts — men may increasingly pretend that d in v is indeed all there is to success, and women may pretend that they can raise perfectly excellent children by themselves, with the assistance of subsidized day care and Big Bird. But in that case, our culture will eventually be exterminated by a more vigorous culture that does not tolerate the social meme equivalent of crack addiction.

    Evolution and natural selection occurs among cultures as well as among individuals. Cultures that fail to recognize the governing facts of their existence go extinct just as readily as individuals who think the big striped purring cat is just trying to be friendly. There’s a good reason Latin is a dead language, and (if nothing changes) no one will speak Japanese in 500 years.

  18. d in v? Shouldn’t that be p in v because d in c and c in p. Such dirty talkin’ from such fine gentlemen.

    …and what about those electrical connectors, eh, wink. wink.

    Was it blasphemous that I found the invention of lying mildly funny?

    But seriously (after the above, really?) Does anybody else see the connection between (otherwise non-idiot) woman that must have an abusive guy and the progressive males that want to control everybody’s life? Not that politicians ever get any action, right?

    The founders were, perhaps among a whole host of other things, serious thinkers. Today we have a class of serious game the rulers. I know they’re just being successful (well, and evil) but is there a counter-balance? An effective counter-balance because elections are obviously not it. We have already jumped off the building and at every floor you hear, “so far, so good” as if there is no last floor.

    The bottoms coming (no that’s not a sexual reference and no I can’t explain Benjamin Franklin.)

    I really can feel the wind as the guy next to me says, “so far, so good…”

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