Location, Location

There’s a good article at The Space Review today on the pros and cons of L-1 versus L-2 as a stepping stone for operations on the moon and points far beyond cis-lunar space. I tend to favor L-1 myself, for the travel-time reasons, but there are good arguments to be made both ways. Eventually, I would expect the market to sort it out, and there will probably be facilities at both locations.

One thought on “Location, Location”

  1. Fortunately, if someone were to place a depot at the wrong L point, (EML-1 instead of EML-2 or EML-2 instead of EML-1) the delta v needed to relocate that facility to the other side of the moon is quite modest.

    In the beginning, when operations beyond LEO are rare, one facility might be able to maneuver back and forth between EML-1 & EML-2 depending on mission requirements.

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