6 thoughts on “Victor Davis Hanson”

  1. I read everything VDH writes, and love most of it. His understanding of the past helps him to see the present clearly – nothing new under the sun.

    Problem is he’d probably make a poor politician. He would know what to do but not how to get it done. There’s a whole political skill set one must have to be successful in politics and I suspect VDH doesn’t have it.

    We are better off where he is…describing the past (in enjoyable detail), connecting to the present and suggesting the future.

  2. Professor Hanson — advanced degree, published scholar on the topic of the ancient wars.

    Governor Walker — did not complete college, started a war.

  3. Aside from the fact that he could never be elected, he probably wouldn’t make a good governor anyway. He lacks the sunny sanguinity and joie de combat that good leaders ooze, Reagan being an excellent example. He’s a Merlin, not an Arthur.

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