A Launch Industry Earthquake

I’ve started blogging over at the Washington Examiner. My first post over there is about Elon’s announcement this week.

Hitting the road in a few minutes for Phoenix, so no more posts until this afternoon or evening.

[Late afternoon update]

Just got to the conference. Gwynne Shotwell, president of SpaceX, is scheduled to speak in a few minutes. It will be interesting to see what she has to say about Tuesday’s announcement.

[Friday afternoon update]

For those wondering about Gwynne’s talk, Clark Lindsey has some notes, as does Doug Messier.

8 thoughts on “A Launch Industry Earthquake”

  1. And your first comment was from a troll. Sad, but that’s the Internet.

    I liked the article but I’m not going to sign in to comment there.

  2. Have a safe flight. Drive like you are from Chicago and you might survive the traffic in Phoenix. Welcome to Phoenix the Valley of the Sun.

  3. GM dirtied the comments a bit with simplistic arguments and bad web design. I wonder why people are so annoyed by his brash, unfounded, condescending exaggerations?

  4. Great article!

    One thing that keeps nagging at me though: SpaceX has no contracts
    from the Air Force, but Falcon Heavy it would be ideal for the Air Force and NRO. And, the first launch is from Vandenberg. That strikes me as an odd choice, unless there is already considerable interest from the Air Force. I’m hoping there is.

    At $1000 a pound, they’d be insane not to use it once it’s a proven system.

    On the Senate Launch System though… IMHO, we’d be well advised to build it, if and only if it fulfills the promise of its colloquial name and is used to actually launch the Senate into space. That would be a goal worth almost any price; provided, of course, that we omit any means of bringing them back. 🙂

  5. Nice article. BTW, after looking at the comments to the article I have to ask, is there a small cabal of people who roam the internet just looking for opportunities to post personal gripes about commercial space efforts?

  6. Mostly it’s Gaetano something-or-other, who posts under various AKAs but, because of his writing style, can’t possibly hide his real identity.

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