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Should students have to pay to get a newspaper they don’t want to read? I know Pinch is in trouble, but this reeks of desperation. But then, it’s been a long time, if ever, that the paper had any interest in letting the market work. And now would be a very bad time for it to advocate it, given that “letting the market work” would mean a reorganization, in which one likely outcome might be a paper that people actually want to pay to read.

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  1. Should students have to pay to get a newspaper they don’t want to read?

    I can’t believe this is even in question in the post-Obamacare world. Pre-Obamacare, this, along with vegetables, was fodder for reducto ad absurdum but now nothing is too absurd.

  2. Yeah. Why should all they be forced to pay for what most of them probabaly consider to be a right-wing rag?

    But this is just the model Ralph Nader has been using to subsidize his PIRGs (so-called Public Interest Research Groups).

    It’s just another tax the Left imposes on itself because the Left knows its believers are too cheap and selfish to tithe, and shame doesn’t work on the shameless, so all that’s left are taxes and force. Note that the writer doesn’t object to the $4 tax being imposed, just on that it’s being used for an antiquated way “to remain informed in this modern age–particularly on a campus so proud of its rampant technophilia”. An attitude which shows how pervasive and acceptable the Left’s indoctrination and redistributionist methods have become.

  3. …but if you can’t FORCE people to buy “X” product, what other possible way is there to get customers?

    you beat me to the punch. He didn’t object to another $4 for something, it was that it was for a newsPAPER. Maybe they should be forced to take the online version, for $6, that seems MUCH more reasonable to me. Especially if someone else has to pay, isn’t that how the left thinks? The two extra dollars is for helping the environment. Being green SHOULD cost more. Ralph Nader has said so millions of times.

    BTW, I hate that guy, he killed my favorite car of all time. The bastard!!

    I never heard of PIRGs before, but now that I have, I’m gonna watch a guy from the left who uses the term PIRGs. It’s a little to close to PURGES for my comfort.

  4. High speed trains!

    I say this so that you know you are in the presence of greatness. Not me, I am speaking of the President and especially the Vice President who likes trains. You know that trains are something you ought to have.

  5. Paul,
    are you buying or selling high speed rail? Or do we all just give $4 a year so it CAN exist? Or $40? Or $400? Or $4000.

    Or is this another sign it so we can see what’s in it proposal? Personally, if it would STOP high speed rail, all talk of high speed rail, and put the last nail in it’s coffin.

    I’d go for $40 a year.

  6. I was a UMich student when they started supplying the NYT and USAToday. Most of my friends were surprised we weren’t being charged for what amounted to (for most of us) unrequested paper-airplane material, when there were already a half-dozen schlocky campus rags hardly anyone read to fill that need – and those didn’t pay their writers to vent their spleens on the pages.

    On the other hand, at least with the Times and USAT you could count on computer reviews to be featured in “tech” sections, instead of (and I only wish I was joking, here) the “Daily Arts” pages.

  7. My guess is that some people wanted to get the NYT but didn’t want to pay full price, so they pushed to force everyone to subsidize their newspaper consumption. Kind of like how the NEA subsidizes entertainment in the Washington DC area because that’s such an impoverished part of the country.

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