Thanks For The Warning!

Nothing like checking through email and getting a notice from Dotster that the domain of your blog is expiring today because the credit card info needs updating. It probably would have cost them a lot more to email me a couple weeks ago. I mean, they only charge fifty percent more than the competition.

I’ve got to move off that domain to GoDaddy.

5 thoughts on “Thanks For The Warning!”

  1. Rand,

    You are missing the key factor, if they had given you even a couple of weeks notice you would have had time to jump to Go-Daddy et al. By waiting to the last minute they tried to ensure that you would just renew even though the prices are high. They hope that by next year you will forget the current angst.


  2. Here in Canada I’m using hostpapa – been great for the last couple of years. Of course I don’t have your traffic!

  3. As you and others noted, they’re probably doing it to keep you from moving. I was looking at GoDaddy the other day–they aren’t my registrar, but I noticed they offer a free year with domain transfer; something to consider.

    My registrar isn’t the cheapest but they send multiple warnings out starting at 90 days. If you aren’t going to transfer now, Rand, you should mark your calendar for next year so this can’t happen again.

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