4 thoughts on “Saving Private Assad”

  1. Rand: your timing on this post didn’t work out very well. This is not the week to smear our President’s patriotism. He handled this end game with OBL quite well and was tough with the Pakistanis too.

  2. Um, Kevin, would you rather Rand wait until Assad kills all the protestors? Would that timing be more convenient to you? From what I’ve seen, Obama had weeks to move on Assad before the events this weekend. For the matter, early reports suggest Obama had weeks to move on Osama before he ordered action this weekend. Rand’s timing is in regards to the comments that recently came out by a “Senior US Official”. Go whine to the “Official” about timing.

    And while the President did handle the Osama end game well (and almost ended things for Colonel whathisname too); there still seems to be a disconnect between Obama’s handling of Egypt, Libya, Pakistan, vs Syria. I’d be interested in hearing someone clearly define the Obama Doctrine in the Middle East. Why aren’t we applying the same pressure on Assad as we did Mubarak or Colonol Quacky?

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