3 thoughts on “Our Robot Overlords”

  1. Might as well let the robots run things. Us “oxygen breathing weaklings and organ sacks” have demonstrated we certainly can’t manage our own freedoms.

  2. Life in Metro City is better than ever.

    Thanks to our friends, the Robots.

    Robots do our shopping.

    They cook for us.

    They serve our meals.

    They take good care of us.

    They even do the really important things like…

    …reminding us to call Momma on her birthday.

    What else, raising our children, building our buildings…

    …taking care of our city…

    …or making sure we were all fit and healthy.

    For these guys… no job is too big. Or too small.

    First, Robots do a all of things that frankly,

    We didn’t just don’t wanted to do anymore.

    Dr. Tenma, head of the Ministry of Science and father of Modern Robotics.

    Thanks to him and the incredible innovations…

    Our friends the Robots helps us.

    (Guess what movie I watched on the DVR last night. Too bad I didn’t have a helpful robot to operate the remote control for me.)

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