So Newt Is In?

Not a surprise, of course, he’s been saying he was going to do it all week. I’m not thrilled, but I’d vote for him over Obama, and one thing you can say — he would be the most pro-space president we’ve ever had.

[Update a few minutes later]

Here’s the story from the HuffPo.

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  1. To me the central question on Newt (and all of the candidates) is:

    Does this candidate have the stones to take the fight to Obama?

  2. There are many flavors of pro-space, and one of them is pro-NASA. Which one is he?

    He is pro-NASA, but not pro-socialism. As a Reagan Republican, he believes that fiscal responsibility and privatization are not only responsible but would actually be good for NASA.

    So, of course, Mark Whittington thinks he is a member of the “Internet Rocket Club.”

    ‘Nuff said. 🙂

  3. I’d vote for a jar of mayonnaise before I’d vote for Mr. “I dumped my dying wife”.

    Well, there is that. But the options aren’t between Gingrich and a jar of mayonnaise… I’d prefer the jar of mayonnaise, too. Maybe we should print up bumper stickers, “Jar Of Mayonnaise, 2012!”

  4. The jar of Hellman’s would not actively hurt our country. It would be the ultimate gridlock. No crappy bills from congress that limit our freedom would ever get signed

  5. I’d vote for a jar of mayonnaise before I’d vote for Mr. “I dumped my dying wife”.

    And Mr. “I’m sitting on a couch with Nancy Pelosi and we both agree that government must do something about Global Warming.”

  6. Bills don’t have to be signed–10 days after being passed (assuming congress is still in session) they become law. So crappy bills can still become law, even under a condiment president.

  7. He was on Hannity’s tonight and said the first thing he’d do would be to sign an executive order eliminating all the czars. I’ve been down on Newtie for years, but, considering the czars’ unbridled power, that alone is a persuasive proposition.

  8. Well then, I hope the two horse race comes down to this.. of course, we have no idea what NASA will be like under an Obama second term.. if the rumors about Bolden getting the chop are correct.

  9. President Hellman’s would also explain the Lybia operation as well as Obama, would encourage new drilling as well as Obama. And, Hellman’s could keep his story straight about what happened with Osama. No comment would have been a huge improvement on that one

  10. It’s hard for me to take seriously a Gingrich 2012 campaign. If he had any shot at all the Republicans where I live should be jumping out of their socks to support him.

    Instead, the silence is eerie.

  11. What McGehee said. He has name recognition, but that’s about it. His biggest electoral win was his district. He might have then become Speaker of the House, but that means he knows how to play the DC game. Add in his moral infidelity, and he brings a lot of baggage.

    I’d still take him over Obama, but then I would have taken McCain over Obama. If Republicans look to take over the Senate, then I might just write in Hellman’s name for President.

  12. So…it appears we have our front-runner. Just as long as he (or it) is white, amirite? What’s wrong with brown mustard?

  13. Nutella 2012!

    (And in a truly bizarre #DamnYouAutoCorrect moment, my phone tried to turn “Nutella” into “Nigella.”)

  14. Newt Gingrich Was More Supportive Of Individual Mandates Than Mitt Romney

    For example:

    “During the keynote address to the Greater Detroit Area Health Council’s annual Health Trends Conference in April 2006, Gingrich said he would require Americans earning above a certain income level to buy health insurance or post a bond, [according to] the Detroit Free Press.”

  15. or post a bond

    Otherwise known as showing fiscal responsibility to cover any occurred costs from any healthcare treatment. It’s nannyism to be sure, but it does protect healthcare providers from dealing with those who can pay but are unwilling to pay. Sadly, the typical reason for lack of payment in those cases is dissatisfaction with service. Now that capability is codified into law. Obamacare will base reinbursement on customer satisfaction. Of course, customer satisfaction is more tangible for things that have nothing to do with actual health. Provide a comfy room with a nice kitchern service will improve CRM. Actually curing a patient, which sometimes requires uncomfortable measures (hell, some people whine about being stuck by a needle) will be less important.

    Anyway, we digress from the topic…

  16. I’d support Newt over most of the republican field last time around. But that’s because the field was mostly RINOs.

  17. The base wants a candidate who’s not in bed with the stuffed-shirt blue-blood elitist Republicans. So who best than the guy who endorsed Dede Scozzafava?


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