Two Can Play At That Game

Harry Reid, who thinks that it would be “foolish” to fulfill his constitutional responsibility and pass a budget (after who knows how many months now), wants to have a show vote to politically embarrass Republican Senators. Well, the House has decided it can do the same thing to the Democrats:

Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.), the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, said he had introduced the necessary legislation on Tuesday.”The legislation I filed today will allow the House to reject a clean increase in the debt limit, proving to the American people, the financial markets and the administration that we are serious about tackling our debt and deficit problems,” he said in a statement.

Turnabout is fair play.

53 thoughts on “Two Can Play At That Game”

  1. Al,

    Sorry for the delay, I have been busy the last few days.

    In terms of revenue rising…

    A rising tide raises all ships and an expanding economy rises revenues, but when a tide rises too far it leaves ships stranded inland.

    That is why when an economy is expanding your RISE tax rates, both to pay off the debt created during the recession and to keep it from rising too fast and turning into a bubble. That is why cutting tax rates in the 1990’s and again in 2004, 2005 was the wrong to do. You needed use taxes to pull money from the economy to prevent the expansion from turning into the bubble it did.

  2. Leland,

    In terms of GM, every bankruptcy is different as is the financing to get out of it. If GM had gone bankrupt without the bailout, and it was heading there, and give that the banks were unable to lend because they had gambled all their money away, no one would have gotten much of anything.

    And yes, investors lost, but then investors are legally responsible for the Board of Directors through elections, even though they usually don’t discharge those responsibilities as they should in capitalist theory preferring to just bail out of firms that are doing bad instead.

    Once again you are demonstrating your lack of knowledge of how the federal budget really works. Unfortunately due to the recession the government has to borrow money to meeting its spending needs, especially discretionary spending, which is what the DoD budget is in terms of the structure of the federal budget.

    BTW I don’t know why you feel the need to attack me personally with lies, but I guess you are just another Tea Party troll hiding behind an anonymous name and need to use lies to hide your lack of knowledge of federal budgetary issues.

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