2 thoughts on “Gun Control”

  1. I quit worrying about this. If they want my guns, they can come and try to take them. And no, I ain’t goin’ full Moby, I’m just sick of hearing this crap.

    Here in NC, even someone with a CCH cannot carry into a place that serves alcohol. We had a guy with NO permit, who was a felon so he wasn’t supposed to have ANY guns, walk into a restaurant and kill the owner with a pistol. The shooter violated ALL the rules, but he STILL had a gun.

    He endangered everyone in there, and he has a history of gun violence, it’s WHY he’s a felon. But Sarah Brady, Obama and the rest of the lefty anti-gun idiots don’t see ME any different than that murdering @$$hole.

    I quit defending my gun rights to anyone who questions it. I simply tell them if they got nerve enough to take them, they can have them! I’m sick of arguing MY LEGAL rights to people who think borders should be open and ALL property should be split up by them, according to their ideals.

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