2 thoughts on “Back From Florida”

  1. Interestingly, Obama issued an executive order last year calling for all regulatory agencies to do a thorough scrub of their regulations, to eliminate the unnecessary and minimize the cost and burden of compliance with the necessary.

    I haven’t seen any effort to comply with that order (and I see these things first hand), and little recognition that it even exists. But it does exist….

  2. I am still not seeing any credible power block in government that can reign in regulation at either federal or state levels. More government economic inefficiency, not less, seems to be the default position. Until or unless a substantial mandate and focus on economic efficiency is found, the US economy will continue to stagnate and unemployment will remain high (this could easily last decades – at which point the US would be left behind).

    A depressing comment by Greenspan was that the US is now starting to retire well educated highly productive baby boomers and replace them with less educated low skilled labor in the younger generations. The US education system has gone backwards (even as it has become many times more expensive than other countries). The long term consequences are just starting to be felt upon the economy and they are going to get much worse. US relative productivity is going to decrease and the economy will be less able to support the baby boomers in their retirement. Once a country starts losing the education game, it is very hard to come back. It will take the US generations to recover from this, assuming it rediscovered the collective will to even do so. Depressing.

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